History of The University Dames

The University Dames was founded in 1927 by Mrs. Alfred Hume, whose husband was then Chancellor of the University. The organization is composed of women whose partners are in the employ of the University or who are themselves faculty or staff of the University. The Dames has had as its purpose throughout the years the social affiliation of all University women, with special emphasis on making new members of the University community feel welcome. The members have rendered various services, such as acting as hostesses at special occasions of the University, assisting in purchasing silver service for use not only by Dames for its official meetings but also by the Associated Women Students at their official functions, and for use in the Chancellor's residence when needed.

At the present time, the University Dames operates as a social organization with meetings approximately four times during the school year. At each meeting, entertainment of general interest is followed by a social refreshment hour.

At other times, members meet in smaller groups organized according to particular interests. Especially popular in recent years have been bridge groups, sewing groups, restaurant lunch groups and the gourmet group.

The annual dues are decided by vote at the beginning of each year and are presently $15.00. This money has been used for general expenses. Hostesses for each meeting have assumed the expense of refreshments.