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S – University of Mississippi
Adopted October 29, 2008


Article I: Name and Affiliation
Section 1: The name of this organization shall be Engineers Without Borders – University of Mississippi (EWB-USA, Ole Miss). EWB-USA, Ole Miss is a Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB-USA).

Article 2: Purpose
Section 1: The purpose of EWB-Ole Miss shall reflect and support the values and mission of Engineers Without Borders-USA: “to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally sound and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students.”

Section 2: EWB-USA, Ole Miss shall support the service goals of a University chapter:
    A. Create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about solving technical development problems within a cultural and social context by bringing together those who are interested and encouraging discussion amongst them to solve the problem together.
    B. Organize a project team(s) to design and implement engineering projects either locally or internationally.
     C. Publicize research opportunities and encourage students to undertake research on technical development problems, and to ensure that the completed research is returned to the EWB-USA database.
    D. Work with EWB-USA to ensure the quality of the engineering package and the end product for the community. Section 3: EWB-USA, Ole Miss shall work with the professional engineering community and EWB professional chapters will serve as mentors, professional liaisons, and to develop and strengthen the engineering skills of student members.

Article 3: Membership
Section 1: All voting members and officers of EWB-USA, Ole Miss must be currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi and pay student fees.

Section 2: Community members may participate as a Non-Voting Member of the Chapter.

Section 3: Faculty members may participate as a Non-Voting Member of the Chapter.

Section 4: Membership in the Chapter shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, and disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran status.

Article 4: Officers
Section 1: The Executive Committee of the Chapter will be composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Executive Committee will manage the affairs of the Chapter in accordance with the By-laws and Constitution of the Chapter.

Section 2: The Executive Committee will appoint a Voting Member to the following positions as needed:
    A. Project Coordinator
    B. Publicity Coordinator
    C. Webmaster D. Fundraising Coordinator
    E. Membership Coordinator

Section 3: The term of the office of the Executive Committee shall be one academic year.

Section 4: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice- President shall succeed to that office. Vacancies in the office of the Vice- President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be filled by the Executive Committee from among the Voting Members.

Section 5: The duties of the elected officers shall be as defined in this Constitution:
    A. President: The President shall oversee all EWB-USA, Ole Miss activities, serve as liaison to EWB-USA and other       chapters, oversee and chair the Executive Committee, oversee and assist the Project Coordinator and Committee, submit the Annual Report to EWB-USA, and ensure that all chapter resolutions are carried into effect.
    B. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist in overseeing all EWB-Ole Miss activities, coordinate speaker meetings, supervise the election of officers, oversee and assist Publicity Coordinator and Committee, and assumes duties of the President in his/her absence.
    C. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep all finances of the Chapter in order, keep track of Donors, collect membership dues, oversee and assist the Fundraising Coordinator and Committee, and complete an Annual Financial Report to be submitted to EWB-USA.
    D. Secretary: The Secretary shall assist in administrative management of all Chapter meetings, keep all members informed of meetings and activities, record and post meeting minutes, develop quarterly newsletter, and oversee and assist Membership Coordinator and Committee.

Section 6: The duties of the appointed officers shall be as defined in the Constitution and as directed by the Executive Committee:
    A. Project Coordinator: The Project Coordinator will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed to oversee the application for, and implementation of, EWB projects. The Project Coordinator shall assist in establishing project teams, schedules and goals, and be responsible for ensuring that all projects meet EWB-USA standards.
    B. Publicity Coordinator: The Publicity Coordinator will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed to publicize the mission and goals of the Chapter and EWB-USA, advertise upcoming events and activities, oversee and assist the Webmaster in updating the webpage, and develop and distribute Chapter materials to interested individuals.    
    C. Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed to recruit new Members and maintain a database of current Member information including name, membership status, mailing address, phone number, major/profession, and email address; and work in conjunction with the Publicity Coordinator and Secretary to keep members informed of upcoming meetings and activities.
    D. Webmaster: The Webmaster will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed to develop and update the Chapter website, and shall work with the Publicity Coordinator and Secretary to make sure the website is updated to reflect the mission of EWB-USA, Ole Miss, post meeting minutes and newsletters, update calendar, and list upcoming activities.
    E. Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraising Coordinator will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed to oversee fundraising activities and shall work with the Treasurer and Secretary to track donations to the chapter.

Section 7: Officers shall have earned at least 6 credit hours in their most recently completed term. This requirement does not apply to first-term freshmen or firstterm transfer students.

Section 8: Officers shall be registered for at least 6 hours currently.

Section 9: Officers shall not be on disciplinary probation.

Section 10: Officers shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and not have been on probation for the most recently completed term prior to the term of election.

 Section 11: A graduate student must pay student fees and meet the same requirements as an undergraduate student with the exception that full time status shall be a minimum of 6 hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.


Article I
: Election of Executive Committee Members
Section 1: Executive Committee officers shall be elected in a general election by Voting Members through ballot voting.

Section 2: Nominations shall be submitted to the Vice-President by Voting Members.

Section 3: Elections will be held during the winter term. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected. New officer terms begin in the fall of the following academic year.

Article II: Meetings
Section 1: The Executive Committee shall meet monthly during the academic year (9 months). Scheduling of these meetings for each academic term shall be determined at the first meeting of each academic term by a consensus of the Officers.

Section 2: The Chapter will hold monthly meetings during the academic year (9 months). Scheduling of these meetings will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Article III: Quorum
Section 1: A quorum exists for the Executive Committee if 3 of the 4 Officers are present.

Article IV: Amendments
Section 1: This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended as follows:
    A. A proposed amendment will be sent out via email to all Voting Members.
    B. Once proposed, the amendment will be voted on by the general membership at the general meeting.
    C. Members who cannot attend the general meeting may submit their votes to a member of the executive committee prior to the general meeting.
    D. If the proposed amendment receives an affirmative vote of 51% of Voting Members by the next general meeting, the amendment will be deemed approved.
    E. The Secretary will amend the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws to reflect the amendment.