About the Club
The Ole Miss Fencers Club was founded in 1992 by Jack Smith for the purpose of promoting the sport of fencing. Dr. John "Doc" Matthews took stewardship of the club in 1996, and works with student leadership to run tournaments and classes. The club shares several coaches from the Oxford Fencers Club (a local non-university club) and uses the OFC space for tournaments.

What is Fencing?
In fencing, two competitors compete to score points on each other with their weapons. Fencing is unique among sports because it equally rewards stamina, speed, tactics and intelligence. While bouting, old fencers can defeat young fencers using their wits; small fencers can defeat big fencers using mobility; slow fencers can defeat fast fencers using tactics. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be physically strong and agile either, so our classes build strength, stamina, and dexterity.

Is Fencing Safe?
Although fencing is a martial art it is very safe. The Ole Miss Fencing Club is strict about using full safety equipment. The National Athletic Trainers' Association places the low injury rate for fencing as comparable to tennis, golf and rowing, and very far below soccer, basketball and football.