Chapter History: The Chapter was founded after an interest meeting of students was held on 12th April 2001 in The University of Mississippi Department of Civil Engineering with ITE member Mr. Bob Mabry of The Mississippi Department of Transportation. The Chapter Charter was presented by Mr. Jim Meads and Mr. Bob Mabry on December 6, 2001 to the Chapter President Ms. Lucy Phillips.

Year 2017 - 2018 Officers


Lexi Thompson

Vice President

Spencer Touchstone



Alex Rodwell



William Rossell


International Institute of Transportation Engineers- ITE


Previous Year’s Officers

Frances Miramon, Holly Pitts, Karlsen Brandt, Omar Yassin

Next Year President Elect:





Chapter Charter


Annual Report


ITE Chapter Students and Dr. Udin collected traffic signal vehicle detection data in Jackson MS for CAIT research project sponsored by the Mississippi DOT, May 30 - June 2, 2017.   More

Transportation Graduate student visitors from Aalborg University (Denmark) were hosted by CAIT/Department of Civil Engineering, April 9-15, 2017.   More

Ole Miss School of Engineering celebrated 110th Anniversary, April 2011.

  • Congratulations to Ole Miss Civil Engineering UG students and Graduate Students, who received the ITE Scholarship awards, 2002-2017; Faculty Avisor Dr. Waheed Uddin received 2017 Epps-Dart Teaching Excellence Award (Previous awards 2011, 2007)   More
  • The Chapter thanks all invited speakers for ITE lectures every semester; Fall 2016 and Fall 2014 ITE lecture by Jonathan Kiser (Neel-Schaffer, Inc.) and Bob Mabry (BLM Engineering, Byram, MS), November 8, 2016 and November 13, 2014; Fall 2013 ITE Lecture by Acey Roberts (Mississippi DOT ITS section), November 12, 2013; Spring 2013 ITE Lecture by Jonathan Kiser and Bob Mabry, February 21, 2013; Spring 2012 ITE Lectures by 2008 alumni and EIT at Mississippi DOT, Jessica H. Dilley (Planning Division), and Colby Willis (Roadway Division), February 29, 2012; Spring 2011 ITE lecture by Dr. Amir Kavussi, a Visiting Scholar at the National Academies and a transportation engineering professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, February 15, 2011; Fall 2011 ITE Lecture by Jeff Smith (Temple, Inc.), Jonathan Kiser, Bob Mabry, November 8, 2011; Spring 2011 ITE lecture by Bob Mabry (Mississsippi DOT Roadway Design Division), February 14, 2011; Fall 2010 ITE lecture by Dr. Imad Aleithawe (Mississsippi DOT Right-of-Way Division), November 4, 2010; ITE lecture by Jonathan Kiser (Neel-Schaffer, Inc.), March 9, 2010
  • Thanks to Deep South ITE (DSITE) section for ITE Scholarship awards—UM Civil Engineering recipient (s): 2016-2017 Craig Davis (Grauate Stuent); 2015-2016 Holly Pitts, Mason Mullins; 2014-2015 Frances Miramon, Seth Cobb; 2013-2014 Grace McMahen (Temple award), Stephen Blackmon, Luke Pettersen; 2012-2013 Kyle Grantham, Courtney Cunningham, Maddie Costello; 2011-2012 Corey Hamil, Stephen Burdine, Preston Bridges, Alper Durmus(Graduate Student); 2010-2011 Parker Capps (Temple award), Preston Bridges, Alex Kajdan; 2009-2010 Brian Hovanec and Bulbul Majumder; 2008-2009 Katherine Osborne and Annie Chapman; 2007-08 Amrik Singh (Temple Award) and Jared Case; 2006-2007 Katherine Osborne and Brandon Saint; 2005-06 Bikila Teklu Wodajo; 2004-05 Preston Denson and Ben Nyjuguna; 2003-04 Angela Mallette and Scott Dooley; 2002-03 Carl Hector and Ben Russell. 
  • Mississippi DOT grants the Pilot Scholarships to three UM Civil Engineering students.  More
  • ITE lecture by Wes Dean, State Traffic Engineer, Traffic Engineering Division, Mississsippi DOT, November 18, 2008 at 5:30 pm
  • Ole Miss ITE Student Chapter received runner up award at 2008 Traffic Bowl during the DSITE meeting in Jackson, February, 2008. Congratulations to all.
  • Chapter placed runner up award at 2006 Traffic Bowl during the DSITE meeting at Oxford, February 9, 2006.
  • Congratulations to Katherine Osborne who won the 2008 District 5 ITE Runner up Undergraduate Student Paper Award, "Geospatial Analysis of Transportation Related Air Pollution Impacts," March 2008.
  • Congratulations to Bikila Wodajo, PhD student in transportation engineering, who was awarded the 2006 Dwight David Eisenhower  Transportation Fellowship by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Institute, April 20, 2006.
  • Congratulations to Preston Denson who won the 2006 1st place Undergraduate Student Paper Award, "A Study of Road Safety in Mississippi," March 29, 2006.