Ian Johnston

  Ian Johnston was born on April 15, 1962 in Michipicoten Township, Ontario, Canada. In 1968 he moved with his family to British Columbia where he has lived in various communities since. After enrolling his two youngest children in the Mission Isshin-ryu Karate Club, Ian began training in September of 1997.

Ian received his shodan from Tom McDonnagh on November 11, 2001 and his nidan from Sensei A.J. Advincula on June 22, 2002. In October of 2003 he became a student of Sensei Advincula.

Ian currently teaches Isshinryu karate and kobudo to a small number of students in his in-home dojo.
Ian Johnston
7475 Columbia St.
Mission, B.C. Canada V2V-4B9
Tel: (604)-820-1436

e-mail - qayak@yahoo.ca