Linde Evans Belt


  Linde Evans Belt was born July 31, 1957, in Dallas, Texas. She started Isshin-ryu karate under Ken Richardson in Tyler, Texas, in the fall of 1984. She went directly under Sensei A.J. Advincula in 1989 and was promoted to Shodan in Isshin-ryu karate in 1990. She was promoted to Godan in March, 2001 and Rokudan in August, 2005. She was promoted to Nanadan  at the Honbu dojo in Oceanside, Ca., on October 11, 2008. Other styles studied for any length of time include Escrima (ACE) 4th degree black belt, two branches of Shorin-ryu karate, highest rank promoted to is Nidan (not active), and Hindiandi. She currently teaches Isshin-ryu karate and ACE Escrima at the Oak Tree Dojo in Longview, Texas and by private lessons at her home dojo.

Linde Evans Belt -Oak Tree Dojo
409 Tyler Street
Longview, TX
Tel: (903) 643-5398