Ron Crew


Started training in 1974 with Ricky Thornton and Lynn Wilson in Copiah County, MS..  Ricky and Lynn were students of Bill Gardo.

Promoted to Shodan in 1979.

Without instructor 1980-82.  Taught friends in back yard to have someone to train with.

Met Sensei Advincula and Sensei Ken Green at seminar in Greenville in 1982.  Attempted to align myself with Larry Dreher's group but was rebuffed.  Observed that my kata were closer to Master Advincula's than Dreher's, so I set my sights on training as much as possible with Sensei Advincula as possible in the future.  Sensei Green adopted me as a student shortly after the seminar.

Hosted  annual seminar's with Master Advincula from 1984 over the next several years.

Created "WholeHeart News" with Roy Smith in 1989 as an Isshisnryu Newspaper/Magazine of which Master Advincula was the main contributor.

The magazine was handed to Mike Storms in 1990 due to Roy and I being mobilized for Desert Shield/Storm.  Mike copywrited it, and attempted to keep it going, but it eventually went away.

Conducted training Camps in Copiah County from 1984 to 1990 due to deployment to the Gulf for 9 months.  Mark Riddle has since taken the helm in organizing the camps.

Promoted to Rokudan in 1994 by Sensei Green and Master Advincula at Camp in Copiah County.

Have been in law enforcement since 1989, serving as Patrolman, Seargeant, Narcotics Investigator, and Chief.  Began teaching at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Academy (MLEOTA) in 1999.  Developed training courses for First Line Supervisors, Field Training Officers, and Defensive Tactics programs for a variety of agencies, authoring the book “Police Subject Control” in 2001.  The PSC curriculum is heavily based on Isshinryu "body mechanics", with the addition of ground defense provided by Houston Dorr (UFC/IFC/Muay Thai/Jujitsu).

Served 18 years with both the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in the Military Police Corps and Special Forces.

Studied Isshinryu Karate for 35 years. Have studied and utilized Master Advincula's Escrima since 1985 incorporating it into the police curriculum.  Have studied Aikido since 1992, searching for ideas in bunkai application via the physics employed in aikido, and the soft side of the Isshinryu bunkai.