Robert Holley

  Born June 4, 1959 in Memphis, TN- grew up in Pontotoc County, MS.
1977-79 Studied "Karate" from friends in various backyard "Dojos".

Sept. 1979 Entered the University of Miss. and joined Ole Miss Isshinryu Karate Club and served as Treasurer, Vice-President and President over the next 3 years.

July 1982 Met Advincula sensei, promoted to Shodan by Larry Dreher at Greenville, MS Dojo - became head instructor Ole Miss Club. Next 2 years studied Modern Arnis under master Remy Presas.

1986 Attended 2nd Advincula seminar, promoted to Nidan by Larry Dreher and Master Advincula at Natchez, MS- began studying ACE Escrima.

1984-90 Served on Miss. Karate Assn. Board of Directors, and as the youngest member, produced 6 tournaments at Ole Miss. attended or hosted 1 to 2 Advincula seminars per year from 1984-present.

1987 Hosted 1st Advincula seminar at Ole Miss, promoted to Sandan by Bob Nance and Master Advincula.

1989 Promoted to Yondan by Advincula sensei.

1991 Conducted Body Mechanics program for Ole Miss football team, moved to Conway, AR and studied several other styles of martial arts.

1994 Promoted to Godan by Advincula sensei, opened Conway Karate.

1999 Promoted to Rokudan by Advincula sensei.

Presently I live in Greenbrier, AR., with my wife and 2 daughters and teach High School. I continue to teach martial arts at Conway Karate/ Jujutsu. Aside from Karate/ Kobudo I hold various Black Belt ranks in ACE Escrima, USJA Jujutsu, Shinkendo, Bugiki-kai Aikido, Toyama- Ryu swordsmanship and a Brown Belt in Judo. I have taught and continue to teach college-level self-defense classes as an adjunct faculty member at University of Miss. and Central Baptist College. I have proudly served as Advincula sensei's uke in most MS, AR, and TX seminars, since I was "volunteered" in 1984.

Robert Holley
Conway Karate/ Jujutsu