Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins began his martial arts training in 1973 with an Isshinryu Karate self defense class taught by his brother-in-law, Edward Babicz. From this class he moved on to
formalized training in Isshinryu Karate at the Inkster, Michigan Karate Dojo owned by Sensei Norbert Donnelly. This school was formerly owned by Michigan Isshinryu pioneer, Sensei Doug Noxon. Jeff was a successful tournament competitor in the Michigan and surrounding area winning numerous honors in Jiyu Kumite (free sparring), Bogu Kumite (full contact sparring with body armor), Kata and Kobudo. Jeff Perkins is currently a Police Lieutenant with 29 years experience and the Officer-In-Charge of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). He has an Associate in Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and is currently working on his Master of Science in Business Administration Degree with a Certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership.
Jeff Perkins - Okinawa Budo Kai School of Karate and Kobudo
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