Scott Fawcett


Scott K. Fawcett was born October 12, 1967 in Belleville, NJ.  As a child from 1979-1981 he studied Isshinryu karate under Dale Jenkins.  He then stopped training due to a non-karate related injury and began to pursue his other lifelong passion, competitive distance running.  Years later Scott returned to Isshinryu and studied under Joan Felenczak (Calvert) from March 1990 through April 2001.

Scott became a student of Advincula Sensei and member of the Isshinkai in September 2005.  Scott was promoted to Yondan by Advincula Sensei on April 14, 2007 and Godan on March 20, 2010.  Scott and his wife Kathy had the privilege and honor of traveling to Okinawa with Sensei, Michie and a small group of students in August 2008 to learn about Okinawan culture, customs, history and traditions.

Scott's grandfather, Harold K. Fawcett, was a Navy Seabee (Construction Battalion) in WWII and was stationed on Okinawa during and after the Battle of Okinawa from May 1945 - Jan 1946.  His primary responsibility was the construction of airfields.

Scott resides in Whitehouse Station, NJ with his wife Kathy, son Gregory, and daughter Julie.  Scott teaches Isshinryu karate in Lebanon, NJ. His other interests include distance running, skiing and snowboarding.


Scott K. Fawcett