Michael Steele

Michael Steele was born March 13, 1957 in Denver, Colorado. He first studied tae kwan do from "Mr. Kim" while living in Bangkok, Thailand in 1970. Through the years he has studied Shorin-ryu karate, Judo, and began training in Isshin-ryu karate in 1990 from Byron Coleman and was promoted to Shodan in March, 1994. In 1994, he changed instructors and began training under John Devine in 1994 and tested for Ni-dan in 1996.
He was promoted by Steve Torres to Sandan in 1998. He then started training in Scientific Fighting Congress under W. Hock Hochheim. This involves knife, impact weapon and gun, (Pistol and long gun). He opened a commercial school in June of 2001 and began training with Arcenio J. Advincula in Isshin-ryu karate and Advincula’s Combat Escrima (ACE).

Currently, he continues to practice and teach at his dojo and at the local community college in Isshin-ryu and self-defense. This is his profession in which he loves to learn and teach.

Michael Steele - 1101 International Pkwy., Suite 107, Fredericksburg, Va. 22406
Tel: (540) 429-5425
Web site; www.steeledefense.com
Email; misshinryu@cox.net