Sensei Wargo began his training in 1976 at Fred Stahl's AMDO Academy, Wayne, NJ. He studied there for two years before moving to Jefferson Township. He shortly began studying Isshinryu at Dale Jenkins' Jersey Judo Karate Kai under Rick Norris.

In 1980, Mr. Wargo received his first colored belt, a yellow belt, which Sensei Jenkins gave to him personally. He trained with many black belts at JJKK such as Sal Musco, Joe Webb, Mark and Michelle Kowalski, Brian Mackey, George Calvert, and Joan Felenczak. His main instructor was Rick Norris. In 1984, Mr. Wargo went with Rick Norris to YMCA dojo and was one of the senior kyus. Later in 1984/ 1985, he helped Rick Norris with the construction of the first Mine Hill dojo. He was promoted to Shodan in August of 1986 at karate camp. Later on that year, he reopened the West Milford Rte. 23 dojo. Mr. Wargo has been the head instructor of the West Milford dojo since 1986. He has helped develop, structure and teach at many karate camps, shiais, demos and tournaments for Jersey Judo Karate Academy. He received his Nidan in 1990, Sandan in 1994 and Yondan in 1998.

In 1995, Mr. Wargo left NJ, went to California and trained in Tae Kwon Do under Master Jun Chong. During this time Sensei Wargo was welcomed into the Okinawan Isshinryu Karate Do Association and had his rank confirmed by Angi Uezu. Upon returning to NJ, he created, along with his father, Peaceful Valley Martial Arts. Mr. Wargo is the head instructor of the West Milford and White Meadow Lake dojos. He is currently studying under Sensei A. J. Advincula.

Glenn Wargo, Jr.

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