Welcome to the home page of the Mississippi Philosophical Association. As set forth in our constitution, the purpose of the MPA is to increase the understanding and appreciation of philosophy; to encourage research and advance the standards and ideals of the teaching of philosophy; and to cultivate an interest in the study of philosophy in Mississippi institutions of higher learning.

The MPA holds an annual meeting, usually in the spring, featuring papers by faculty, students, and invited speakers. Members not on the faculty of one of the four multi-person philosophy departments in the state pay $20 per year in dues, but the annual meetings are free and open to the public. Prior conferences focused on Consciousness (2013-14), Philosophy of Biology (2012-13) and Experimental Philosophy (2011-12). Our most recent conference was in April 2015 at Millsaps College. The theme was Philosophy of Race, with Robert Bernasconi of Penn State University as the keynote speaker.


The 2016 meeting will be held at Mississippi State University on Friday and Saturday, March 18-19, 2016. The theme of the conference will be “Attention” and the keynote speaker will be R.W. Kentridge (Psychology, Durham University).
The MPA is soliciting submissions of extended abstracts (500-1000 words) or papers (>3500 words) on any topic related to the philosophy of attention. In addition to presentations that evaluate theoretical approaches to understanding attention, or that address recent debates about the presence or absence of dependency relations between attention and consciousness, the MPA encourages submissions that investigate the role of attention in linguistic communication, skillful action, moral development and responsibility, aesthetic appreciation, the acquisition of knowledge, etc.
Though the MPA is a regional conference, philosophers from all institutions and locations are encouraged to submit an abstract or paper. Submissions should include a title page with a title and the name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact information of the author(s). The abstract or paper itself should begin on the second page, include the title at the top, and be suitable for anonymous review. Please email submissions to Mike Bruno (mb1595@philrel.msstate.edu) by January 15, 2016.
There will be a cash prize of $300 for the best graduate student presentation. To be eligible for the prize, you must currently be a graduate student, have an abstract or paper accepted, and be able to present at the conference. Please indicate if you would like to be considered for the prize when emailing your submission.

Officers for 2015-16:


Steven Smith, Department of Philosophy, Millsaps College (smithsg@millsaps.edu)


Mike Bruno, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Mississippi State University (mb1595@philrel.msstate.edu)


Neil Manson, Department of Philosophy and Religion, The University of Mississippi (namanson@olemiss.edu)


Bart Moffatt, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Mississippi State University

Donovan Wishon, Department of Philosophy and Religion, the University of Mississippi

Robert Thompson
, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Mississippi State University