The following is a list of the mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of our members. To simplify this page, a list of departments with more than one person precedes the list of all our members. On the list of individual members, the abbreviations "MSU," "UM," and "USM" refer to the corresponding departments. Unless otherwise stated, all addresses are within the state of Mississippi.

Multi-person departments:

Department of Philosophy, Millsaps College (Millsaps), Jackson, MS, 39210; 601/974-1395

Department of Philosophy & Religion, Mississippi State University (MSU),
P. O. Drawer JS, Campus Mail stop 9577, Mississippi State, MS, 39762; 601/325-2382

Department of Philosophy & Religion, University of Mississippi (UM),
P. O. Box 1848, Bryant Hall, University, MS 38677-1848;

Department of Philosophy & Religion, University of Southern Mississippi (USM), Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5015; 601/266-4518

Member List:

Ammon, Theodore G., Millsaps ammontg@millsaps.edu

Ashton, Loye, ICOHM/Religious Studies, Tougaloo College, 500 W County Line Rd, Jackson 39174 lashton@tougaloo.com

Aydede, Murat, Department of Philosophy, 1866 Main Hall, E-370, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, CANADA

Baldwin, Stan, Dean, School of Science and Mathematics, Mississippi College, Box 4045, Clinton 39058 sbaldwin@mc.edu

Barnard, Robert, UM rwbjr@olemiss.edu

Bickle, John, MSU jbickle@philrel.msstate.edu

Bishop, Ronald, Chair, Social Science Division: Philosophy, Religion, History, Jones County Community College, Jones Hall, 900 S. Court St., Ellisville 39437 ronald.bishop@jcjc.edu

Blanton, Thomas A., 707 Hardy Street (office), 1102 Berry Briar Lane (home), Hattiesburg 39401

Brister, Bill, Department of Finance, Millsaps bristbm@millsaps.edu

Brown Golden, Kristen, Millsaps goldekb@millsaps.edu

Bruno, Mike, MSU mb1595@philrel.msstate.edu

Bruton, Sam, USM samuel.bruton@usm.edu

Burr, Ronald, USM r.burr@usm.edu

Chappell, Larry W., Dept. of Social Sciences, Mississippi Valley State University, 14000 Hwy. 82 W., Box 7227, Itta Bena 38941-1400 larchap@earthlink.net

Chastain, Drew, Department of Philosophy, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA chastain@loyno.edu

Clifford, Michael, MSU mrc4@msstate.edu

Creel, Richard E., 408 Melissa Drive, Biloxi 39531-2308

Crockett, Bennie R., Jr., William Carey University, 498 Tuscan Ave., Box 183, Hattiesburg 39401 crockett@wmcarey.edu

Curry, Ken, Department of Biology, P.O. Box 5018, USM kenneth.curry@usm.edu

Curtis, Ben, Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis, becurtis@memphis.edu

Davis, Leland, USM leland.davis@usm.edu

DeArmey, Michael, USM mdearmey@netdoor.com

Ebbers, Melissa, Department of Philosophy, the University of Memphis maebbers@memphis.edu

Fitzgerald, Michael, 1073 Lake Estates Dr., Hattiesburg 39402 madarua@hotmail.com

Floyd, Kamper, Jackson Get2College Center, 2600 Lakeland Terrace, Jackson, 39216

Gold, Elizabeth, 425 N. Spring Avenue, Louisville, MS 89339 Lz144g@yahoo.com

Green, Christopher, School of Law, UM crgreen@olemiss.edu

Hammons, Christopher Roderick, MSU, chris.tuffer.hammons@gmail.com

Hiern, Jamie, USM jamie.hiern@usm.edu

Hinton, Rita C. (Emeritus), Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy, Mississippi University for Women, Columbus 39701 rhinton@muw.edu

Holley, David, USM d.holley@usm.edu

Holt, Lynn, MSU lholt@philrel.msstate.edu

Hopkins, Patrick, Millsaps hopkipd@millsaps.edu

Hunt, Marcus, Department of Philosophy, Tulane University mhunt4@tulane.edu

Johnson, Sam, 102 Thomas Street, Richland, MS 39218

Lawhead, William F., UM (Emeritus) wlawhead@olemiss.edu

Levine, Peter, Associate Dean for Research and Lincoln Filene Professor of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Tufts University

Manson, Neil, UM namanson@olemiss.edu

Matthews, Laura, Department of Philosophy, the University of Georgia, lkmatt12@uga.edu

McWilliams, Emily, Department of Philosophy, Harvard University mcwillisams@gmail.com

Meadors, John, Dept. of Christian Studies and Philosophy, Mississippi College, Box 4012, Clinton 39058 meadors@mc.edu

Messer, Thomas S., 1100 Estelle, Hattiesburg 39401

Meyers, Chris, USM cd.meyers@usm.edu

Moffatt, Bart, MSU bmoffatt@philrel.msstate.edu

Mongue, Robert, UM, Department of Legal Studies rmongue@olemiss.edu

Mulligan, Thomas, Department of Philosophy, Tulane University, tmullig@tulane.edu

Neal, Anthony, MSU an925@msstate.edu

Noe, Kenneth, Department of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, noe.kenneth@gmail.com

Quin, Mary West, 446 Pimlico Place, Jackson 39211 marywestquin@marywestquin.com

Rempel, Morgan, USM morgan.rempel@usm.edu

Ribeiro, Brian, Department of Philosophy and Religion, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga brianribeiro@hotmail.com

Schrock, Joseph, member of the Starkville Writer's Group, Starkville, MS josephsch@att.net

Skultety, Steven, UM skultety@olemiss.edu

Smith, Steven G., Millsaps smithsg@millsaps.edu

Smithka, Paula J., USM paula.smithka@usm.edu

Spewak, David, MSU dcs356@philrel.msstate.edu

Starnes, Michael James, 2100 Old Taylor Road, Apt. I-133, Oxford, MS 38655 mjstarne@go.olemiss.edu

Sufka, Ken, UM pysufka@olemiss.edu

Suttle, Trey, 1924 Longwood Dr., Jackson 39212 webdesign@madcatwebdesign.com

Thompson, Robert, MSU jrt@philrel.msstate.edu

Timmerman, Derik, Souteastern Baptist Theological Seminary, derik.timmerman@gmail.com

Umand, Ujjwal, MSU, ua56@msstate.edu

Vining, Marvin, P. O. Box 250, Monticello 39654 marvinvining@mac.com

Waltzer, Rob, Dept. of Biology, Belhaven College, Jackson 39202 rwaltzer@belhaven.edu

Watson, Kenneth, Department of English, USM kenneth.watson@usm.edu

Weber, Eric, Department of Public Policy Leadership, UM etweber@olemiss.edu

Westmoreland, Robert, UM prrbw@olemiss.edu

Williamson, Robert, 523 Bradford Dr., Brandon 39042

Wishon, Donovan, UM dwishon@olemiss.edu

Yenter, Timothy, UM tpyenter@olemiss.edu

To make the directory more useful, please send additions and deletions to Neil Manson (namanson@olemiss.edu).