The following is a list of the mailing addresses and phone numbers of our members. To simplify this page, a list of departments with more than one person precedes the list of all our members. In time, this page will be cleaned up and made more user-friendly.

Multi-person departments:

Department of Philosophy, Millsaps College (Millsaps), Jackson, MS, 39210, 601.974.1395 - office, 601.974.1324 - fax.

Department of Philosophy & Religion, Mississippi State University (MSU),
P. O. Drawer JS, Mississippi State, MS, 39762, 601.325.2382.

Department of Philosophy & Religion, University of Mississippi (UM),
P. O. Box 1848, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677,
662.915.7020 - office, 662.915.5654 - fax.

Department of Philosophy & Religion, University of Southern Mississippi (USM), Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5015, 601.266.4518 - office, 601.266.5800 - fax

Member List:

Ammon, Theodore G., Millsaps 601.974.1332, 601.977.9121, ammontg@millsaps.edu

Ashton, Loye, Tougaloo College, Religious Studies, 601.977.7944, lashton@tougaloo.com

Baldwin, Stan, Biological Sciences, Mississippi College, Box 4045, Clinton 39058 sbaldwin@mc.edu

Barnard, Robert, UM 662.915.7020, Web site, rwbjr@olemiss.edu

Bishop, Ronald, 900 Court St., Ellisville 39437, ronald.bishop@jcjc.edu

Blanton, Thomas A., 1102 Berry Briar Lane, Hattiesburg 39401

Brady, Don, 623 Northwest Ave., McComb 39648, owlofminerva@webtv.net

Brady, Wendy, 41 Sheeplo Loop, Petal 39465, pianodiva02@yahoo.com

Brister, Bill, Box 150606, Millsaps College, Jackson 39210, Web site, bristbm@millsaps.edu

Brown, Kristen, Millsaps 601.974.1323, 601.353.3704, Web site, brownkm@millsaps.edu

Bruton, Sam, USM, Web site, samuel.bruton@usm.edu

Burr, Ronald L., USM 601.266.4524, 601.264.6366, r.burr@usm.edu

Chappell, Larry W., Dept. of Social Sciences, Mississippi Valley State University, 14000 Hwy. 82 W., Box 7227, Itta Bena 38941-1400, 662.254.3360, larchap@earthlink.net

Clifford, Michael, MSU, Web site, mrc4@msstate.edu

Cozad, Laurie UM, P. O. Box 913, University 38677, Web site, lcozad@olemiss.edu

Crockett, Bennie R., Jr., William Carey University, 498 Tuscan Ave., Box 183, Hattiesburg 39401, 601.318.6116, Web site, crockett@wmcarey.edu

Curry, Ken, Biology, USM, Web site, kenneth.curry@usm.edu

Davis, Leland USM, leland.davis@usm.edu

DeArmey, Michael H., USM, mdearmey@netdoor.com

Estes, Yolanda, MSU, Web site, yolandae@msstate.edu

Fitzgerald, Michael, 1073 Lake Estates Dr., Hattiesburg 39402, madarua@hotmail.com

Floyd, Kamper, 1120 Mimosa, Oxford 38655 kamperfloyd@uky.edu

Hawkins, Jane, 95 SCR 37-7, Taylorsville 39168-9717

Hiern, Jamie, USM, jamie.hiern@usm.edu

Hinton, Rita C., Mississippi U. for Women, Columbus 39701, 601.327.6632, rhinton@muw.edu

Holley, David, USM, Web site, d.holley@usm.edu

Holt, Lynn, MSU, Web site, lynn.holt@msstate.edu

Hopkins, Patrick, Millsaps, 601.974.1293, hopkipd@millsaps.edu

Horton, Michael, U. of Kentucky, 109 Palm Ave., Pass Christian 39571, mbhort2@uky.edu

Hoskins, Houston (student), the University of Mississippi, hchoskin@olemiss.edu

Jacobs, Paul, MSU, Web site, pfj1@msstate.edu

Johnson, Richard, 971 Parkwood Pl., Jackson 39206, 601.977.7944, 601.981.1990, dickjoh@aol.com

Kenyon, Walter Wynn, Dept. of Philosophy, Belhaven College, Jackson 39202, 601.968.5959, 601-352-5255, Web site, wkenyon@belhaven.edu

Kimble, John, UM, jakimble@olemiss.edu

Kimble, Ray, raymond.kimble@va.gov

King III, Roy, MSU

Lawhead, William F., UM, 662.915.7345, 662.236.2851, Web site, wlawhead@olemiss.edu

Leonard, Derrick, leonardderrick@hotmail.com

Lewis, Court, clewis1296@hotmail.com

McRaney, David, lownotes@zerosummind.com

Maddox, Ben, 211 S. Main, Hattiesburg 39401, pimpcass@yahoo.com

Manson, Neil, UM, Web site, Web site, namanson@olemiss.edu

Meadors, John, Dept. of Christian Studies and Philosophy, Mississippi College, Box 4053, Clinton 39058, Web site, meadors@mc.edu

Messer, Thomas S., 1100 Estelle, Hattiesburg 39401

Meyers, Chris, USM, cd.meyers@usm.edu

Miles, Jonathan UM, 170 Hester Ln., Pontotoc 38863, jkmiles@olemiss.edu

Moffatt, Bart, Department of Philosophy, Mississippi State University, brm157@msstate.edu

Mongue, Robert, Department of Legal Studies, The University of Mississippi, 319 Odom Hall, University, MS, 38677, rmongue@olemiss.edu.

Neal, Erica, 202 Poplar Loop, Petal 39465

Nix, Carla, tigger21365@aol.com

Norwood, Bryan, MSU, ben19@msstate.edu

Nowicki, Tristan, 706 N. 4th Ave., Laurel, fingledorf@hotmail.com

Oberst, Joshua, jroberst82@aol.com

Phillips, Anwar (student), Mississippi State University, asp97@msstate.edu

Phillips, Trisha, Department of Philosophy, Mississippi State University, trisha.phillips@msstate.edu

Quin, Mary West, USM, 446 Pimlico Place, Jackson 39211, maryinms@aol.com

Rempel, Morgan, USM 601.266.4520, morgan.rempel@usm.edu

Robbins-Herring, Kitty Delle, Box 5366, MSU, 39762

Schrock, Joseph, member of the Starkville Writer's Group, Starkville, MS, josephsch@att.net

Shepard, Nolan, UM

Simon, Tyler, UM, tasimon@olemiss.edu

Skultety, Steven, UM, Web site, skultety@olemiss.edu

Smith, Steven G., Millsaps, 601.974.1334, 601-354-2290, Web site, smithsg@millsaps.edu

Smithka, Paula J., USM, 1073 Lake Estates Dr., Hattiesburg 39402, 601.266.4518, 601.268.5302, Web site, paula.smithka@usm.edu

Stewart, Austin, 62 Major Ulmer Rd., Laurel 39443

Sullivan, Warren C., 619 Woodland Hills, Hattiesburg 39402, sullivan@usmcp6.bitnet

Suttle, Trey, 1924 Longwood Dr., Jackson 39212, treysuttle78@aol.com

Tobia, Kevin (student), Rutgers University, kevin.tobia@gmail.com

Thurow, John, Department of Philosophy, Mount Marty College, joshua.thurow@mtmc.edu

Ulatowski, Joseph, Department of Philosophy, the University of Mississippi, oohlah@olemiss.edu

Vining, Marvin, P. O. Box 250, Monticello 39654, 601.587.1505

Waltzer, Rob, Dept. of Biology, Belhaven College, Jackson 39202, Web site, rwaltzer@belhaven.edu

Watson, Kenneth, USM, Web site, kenneth.watson@usm.edu

Watts, W. Glenn, 800 Arlington, Jackson 39202, 601.355.5274

Weber, Eric Thomas, Department of Public Policy Leadership, UM, Web site, 662.915.1336 - office, 662.915.6622 - fax, etweber@olemiss.edu.

Webster, Benjamin, El Centro College, benjamin.webster@ymail.com

Westmoreland, Bob, UM, 611 Royal Oaks Dr., Oxford 38655, Web site, prrbw@olemiss.edu

Williamson, Robert, 523 Bradford Dr., Brandon 39042, 601.992.1440

Wood, Forrest E. (USM), 2301 Eddy St., Hattiesburg 39402, 601.268.3327

Yount, Bill, 1600 Beverly, Clinton 39056, 601.924.5684, 601.924.2461

To make the directory more useful, please send additions and deletions to Neil Manson (namanson@olemiss.edu). If you want your contact information removed from this list, email the Webmaster, Eric Thomas Weber.