M.P.A. Medical Ethics Conference PHOTOS

Dates: November 20th - 22nd, 2008, Jackson, MS.

Thanks so much to all the participants for making this an enjoyable and rich conference! I hope you enjoy the following photos, which Chris Goodwin took of us at the event. See a photo collage here.

To start us off, Dr. Helen Turner, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor of Medicine at Ole Miss's University Medical Center, welcomed us to Jackson.

Dr. Helen Turner

To Dr. Turner's left here is Dorothy Singleton, who was fundamental to the success of our conference. Thank you, Dorothy!

Dorothy Singleton

Dr. Turner also introduced Dr. Sharon Douglas, Associate Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for VA Education, University of Mississippi School of Medicine, Associate Chief of Staff for Education and Ethics.

Dr. Sharon Douglas

Dr. Douglas offered us the first keynote presentation.


Discussion after presentations and then in breaks between speakers (below and above).


Dr. Didlake, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, joined us.

Dr. Carl Elliott

Dr. Carl Elliott was our second keynote speaker, giving his paper after dinner at the beautiful Buie House.

Buie house audience

Attentive listeners (see the projector screen in the mirror at the back?).

Dr. Steven Skultety

Dr. Steven Skultety, President of the MPA, gave us his lively presidential address.


We enjoyed the pleasant facilities at Ole Miss's University Medical Center in Jackson.

Dr. Bill Lawhead

Dr. William Lawhead introduced our final keynote speaker, Dr. Gregory Pence.

Dr. Gregory Pence

Dr. Bill Glod and audience

A little humor did us all a lot of good.

Pence's final slide

Finally, Dr. Eric Thomas Weber had many thank yous to give for support from a variety of sources and for all the great presenters who took part in the event. Thank you all for helping to make this a great experience.

Dr. Eric Thomas Weber

Thanks, everyone!