Message from the Chair

What an exciting time to be affiliated with the University! We should be proud that our careers included association with such a vibrant, dynamic, and multifaceted organism as The University of Mississippi.

While having the privilege of serving as a volunteer at May graduation, it was wonderful to see people from across the nation and the world take such pride in having graduated themselves  or having a family member graduate from Ole Miss. As retirees, we have all been a part in bringing the University to where it is recognized in many areas as a "Great American University." Her future is bright and possibilities unlimited.

As we look forward to this new school year, we trust each of you will be involved in the Retirees Association. The board has great plans for an exciting year. Our program chairpersons have envisioned a diverse selection of topics. Our newsletter editor and others are working to keep you informed of the opportunities available.

Our group is composed of such a wide range of talent, wealth of knowledge, experience, and creativity. We are an invaluable asset to this university in our retirement years as we were in our professional careers. We look forward to working with you this year as we not only learn of the University's successes but also seek ways that we can contribute to her future.


Paul Hale