Poster Symposium Winners

Sponsored by Sigma Xi, the Office of Research,
the Graduate School, the Honors College,
the American Association of University Women

Poster Category Awards

Ryan Yates

Biological Sciences I

Stephanie Moran

Biological Sciences II

Adel ElSohly

Chemical Sciences I

Lukasz Kutrzeba Chemical Sciences II
Theodore Helegert Chemical Sciences III
Laila Hady Engineering Sciences I
Abdulkhaleq Mohammed Engineering Sciences II
Xuan Hui Wu Engineering Sciences III
Ravi Challa Engineering Sciences IV
Sanju Narayanan Health Sciences I
Sampada Upadhye Health Sciences II
Raghavendra Dwivedi Quantitative Analysis
Kristen Sellers Social Sciences

Sponsored Awards

Natural Products Research Award (NCNPR) Sanju Narayanan
Graduate Female Award (AAUW) Julie Anderson
Undergraduate Female Award (AAUW) Elizabeth Rainey
Undergraduate Award (Honors College) Hafeez Olanigan


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