Student in Parking Lot


If you receive a citation and...

  • Are a Student or Faculty/Staff member, you may log into the parking portal to view your citations, enter an appeal, or pay via credit card.  If you do not pay your citation, the amount will be billed to your bursar account or pay roll deduction within three weeks of receiving the citation.  To log into the site click here
  • Are a Visitor to the campus who receive a citation, may pay online by clicking here.  You must have the citation number and a valid credit card.

Citation Appeals - Hearing Procedures

(a) When any person is accused of violating any of The University of Mississippi parking/driving regulations, they have the right to appeal the fines associated with a ticket within 48 hours of the offense (regular business days). The person is to appeal in person (no appeals via telephone) in the DPT Office in Lester Hall Room 120 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 a. m. to 1:00 p.m. or Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. ; An appeal may also be made in writing, via email (, or online at any time. After an appeals officer has the opportunity to investigate, he/she will respond by telephone or email [whichever requested by the appellant].

If the appellant is not satisfied with the decision of the appeal, a second-level appeal may be requested. To make a second-level appeal, the appellant is to fill out an appeals form available at the DPT website ( or DPT office and pay a $5 fee to be scheduled for the next appeals board meeting (dependent upon whether the appeal is made to the Student Appeals Board or the Staff Appeals Board). This fee will be returned to the appellant if the appeal board rules in appellant's favor, but it is nonrefundable if the decision is upheld by the appeals board.

 (b) An appeal may not be made after 48 hours of the offense (regular business days). The failure of any person to appear and contest an action upon delivery of notice in writing of the time and place to appear for an administrative hearing shall be considered to have waived the right to such a hearing.

 (c) A citation issued by UPD or DPT shall be an official University notice of such administrative hearing.

 (d) The findings of the Student Board of Appeals shall be final.

 (e) The findings of the Staff Board of Appeals shall be final.