Doctoral Degrees

  1. Tonya Smith-Shaw Nursing Education and Administration from William Carey University; Alcorn State University
  2. Kasheila Jackson Education Policy Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Tougaloo College-English
  3. Ketia Shumaker Environmental Science from Jackson State University; Alcorn State University-Biology
  4. Howard Ramsby English Literature from Pennsylvania State University; Tougaloo College-English
  5. Cornelius Varnado Chemistry from Auburn University; Alcorn State University-Chemistry
  6. Barbara Patrick Public Policy and Administration from Mississippi State University; Rust College-Political Science
  7. Lorenzo Esters Higher Education and Administration from Morgan State; Rust College-English
  8. Arther Gates Environmental Science from Louisiana State University; Alcorn State University-Chemistry
  9. Cynthia Agumamu Public Health from Johns Hopkins; University of Mississippi-Biology
  10. Jana Talley Mathematics from Oklahoma University; Alcorn State University-Mathematics
  11. Kathy Bryant-Stephen Curriculum and Instruction from University of Mississippi; Tougaloo College-Education
  12. Scharri Ezell Pharmacology/Toxicology from University of Alabama-Birmingham; Tougaloo College-Chemistry
  13. Corey Harrison Molecular and Cellular Pathology from University of Alabama-Birmingham; Alcorn State University-Biology
  14. April Butler-Tanner Computer Science from Mississippi State University; Tougaloo College-Computer Science
  15. Tanjala Purnell Public Health from Johns Hopkins; Tougaloo College-Computer Science
  16. Edward Dillon, Jr. Computer Science from University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa; University of Mississippi-Computer Science
  17. Krystle Lemon Wilson Computer Science from Mississippi State University; Tougaloo College-Computer Science
  18. Kedra James English from The University of Alabama; Tougaloo College-English
  19. Kemeshia Randle English from the University of Alabama; Tougaloo College - English
  20. Sharifa Love Biochemistry from the University of Alabama; Tougaloo College - Chemistry
  21. Dereck Barr Accountancy from the University of Mississippi; University of Mississippi - Accountancy
  22. Najealicka Armstrong Biology (Nanotoxicology) from Howard University; Alcorn State University - Biology
  23. Aqueasha Martin Computer Science from Clemson University; Tougaloo College – Computer Science