Ronald E. McNair Program

Class of 2000

This is the home page of the 2000 Ronald E. McNair Scholars.  Our class was composed of a very special group of individuals.  What else would you expect from the first scholars of the new millennium?  We were all introduced to each other on our cultural trip in St. Louis, MO.  We visited the famous Arc, the old courthouse where the Dred Scott case was first tried, and other places.  This summer was fun and a great learning experience.  New friendships were made and decisions about our future became clearer.  Expect great things from us!
  • Najealicka Armstrong
  • Kendra Marshall
  • Dereck Barr
  • Revonda McCray
  • Tamara Crawford
  • Tamara McCullen
  • Constance Bailey
  • Devin Pack
  • Patrice Durr
  • Barbara Patrick
  • Crystal Grayson
  • Courtney Sherman
  • Latoya Green
  • Tonya Smith
  • Tabious Hayes
  • Alexandria Taylor
  • Dorce Houston
  • Kimberly Walker
  • Tracy Jeffries
  • Keisha White