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This site features links to puppetry, theater arts, dance, and literature web sites that can be used to teach drama in the classroom setting. Sites included provide lesson plans, information, images and suggestions for curriculum integration.
Grades K-12


The art of puppetry can be introduced to all ages.  Puppets can be constructed and used with a variety of literature selections and actual plays.  Full scale productions can be performed by students.  The following sites have actual photographic images and drawings, information on many puppetry forms, and other ideas for the use of puppets in the classroom setting.
The World of Puppets
Visit different countries and find out what the puppets are like in each one, then make a puppet and write a play for that puppet.  Features Japanese and Vietnamese puppets.

SageCraft Productions The Puppetry Home page
Puppetry Traditions Around the World
This page, part of The Puppetry Home page, has a wide variety of puppetry forms from different countries featured.  Home page has an incredible amount of information including definitions, images and information about puppetry.

China Shadow Play Institute -
Chinese Historical & Cultural Project Curriculum
A nonprofit and private institution formed by enthusiasts of this almost extinct chinese folklore art.  Their mission - to research, promote and exchange this performing art among the people all over the world.  This site features a lesson plan which relates the history of puppetry and how it relates to Chinese culture.  Click Links, then scroll down to the above project.

Bali and Beyond - Making Shadows
Shadow character construction images and detailed descriptions.  Links back to
Bali and Beyond site which has other interesting features related to Bali theater arts.

Il Teatro Calimari
Includes two actual pictures of shadow plays performed by children.
Click puppet kitchen, then kids works.

Center for Puppetry Art
The Center for Puppetry Arts, founded in 1978, is the largest organization
in the United States devoted to the art of puppetry.  This site features many
photographic images of  puppets on exhibit at the center's wonderful
puppetry museum in Atlanta, GA.  Includes a puppet pattern that can be printed out.

Other Puppetry Resources On the World Wide Web
Links to a variety of puppetry sites on the World Wide Web.  Includes public and private organizations and individuals.  Some links more useful than others.

The theater arts curriculum includes the study of theater history,
structure, literature, acting, producing, and critiquing.  Sites
addressing these areas will be added as found.


The Incredible Art Department - Integration of Art and Drama
Provides a seven day lesson plan which integrates art and drama.  Italian Renaissance, Impressionism, and featured Indiana artists.  Could be modified to include Mississippi artists.

Theater for Young Audiences - Creative Drama
This web site, created by Matt Buchanan, is packed with resources for
Drama Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools, and for producers of Theater for Young Audiences. If you are looking for a great CHILDREN'S PLAY to produce, or for some really effective LESSON PLANS for your Drama classroom, you came to the right place!

The Shakespeare's Globe
Details of the New Globe construction in 1996 and 1997 including images, and details of the project.  This site celebrates the famous theater on Bankside by the River
Thames in London, England, and Shakespeare, the famous poet
who lived and worked in London.

Introduction to Acting - Lessons for elementary students
Students will begin to understand the basic fundamentals of acting by
performing a short scene.  Nine lessons included.

Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics, Puppetry &
Readers Theater for Children & Young Adults
Oral interpretation of literature through dramatic activity, storytelling or Reader's
Theater is an effective method of promoting enjoyment of literature, developing oral
expression and increasing reading comprehension.  This page links to excellent
Internet sites offering resources for activities.

Theater Lesson Plan exchange
Well constructed personal web page with warm ups, lesson plans, and links to other
theater sites.

Playbill Online
Featuring playbill covers, billboards, theater arts, and production photos of Broadway and Off Broadway productions.  This site could be used when studying Broadway plays or preparing advertisements for school or class productions.

The Costume Page
Personal web page including over 2,000 costume and costuming-related links. Prepared for the benefit of those who study and/or make costumes and those interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history.

ARTSEDGE - Kennedy Center's Web spotlight Theater Resources
Links to theater resources on the web.  This site is of particular value because the majority of these links provide actual activities, lesson plans, images, and other educational resources for theater arts education.

The Dance portion of this web page is the least developed.  In searching, most sites
found were commercial in nature and didn't provide lesson plans or full information about dance forms.  Continued research will hopefully uncover additional sites that will be
added to this web site in the future.


The Art of Ballet
A web page dedicated to the art of ballet.  Includes information, many images, exercises, and links to ballet related sites.

An American Ballroom Companion - Dance Instruction Manuals
This web site presents a collection of over two hundred full text social dance manuals ca. 1490-1920 at the Library of Congress.  Site also includes images, video clips, and search able database.

American Ballet Theater's Online Dictionary
This site features 170 dance terms from the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet and video entries performed by the American Ballet Theater.  Quicktime is required to view video clips, but dictionary entries were accessible without downloading this free software.

ARTSEDGE - Arts and Dance Curriculum Resources
Presents integrated lesson plans submitted by educators.  Other subject area lesson plans available at this page.  Links back to ARTSEDGE homepage which contains software and book reviews, and curriculum standards.

Artswire - Dance Library: Type
Includes alphabetical list of dance types from ballet to world dance and provides links.     Descriptions, images, video clips, and audio clips of a variety of dance companies and dance related resources are accessible.  Links have not been checked for educational usefulness to teacher.



Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
The stories in this collection represent a small sampling of the rich storytelling art that is the common heritage of humanity. Includes fourteen different countries and additional links to other folk and fairy tale sites.

Children's Literature Web Guide
Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.  The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet
resources related to books for Children and Young Adults.

Jan Brett's Home page
Author, Jan Brett, has established a web page featuring her wonderful children's books.  At this site, masks from three of her books, The Hat, The Mitten, and Town Mouse Country Mouse are available to download and print.  Other activities and ideas for teachers are presented.


Virtual Museums
This page is a site linking virtual museums throughout the world.



Mississippi Department of Education Fine Arts Framework
Introduction to Fine Arts is a course designed to introduce students to art, dance, theater, and music. The full-year course explores the relationship and the function of the arts in both historical and contemporary culture through creative projects, performance, oral presentation, cooperative learning activities, and research projects.

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