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Langmuir Lab, 1999, Photo Gallery
  The photos on this page were taken by Terry Hock of  the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).
 Thanks, Terry!
Page 1 - Practicing and waiting
Both balloon launching teams, waiting
   The students on the two balloon launch crews wait for a storm.  From right to left they are:
 Ivy Winger (Univ. of Oklahoma), Wes Shroyer, Kevin Young, Kim Whicker, Vera Sazonova,
  and Lee Coleman (all Univ. of  Mississippi).
Team 1, with balloon
Team 1 has their balloon out, but just for practice...
From left:  Lee, Dr. Dave Rust (Natl. Severe Storms Lab), Wes,
Dr. Tom Marshall (Univ. of Mississippi, and Principal Investigator), and Ivy.
Team 2 with balloon
 Team 2, with their balloon out, practicing.
From left: Dave, Kevin, Vera, Tom, and Kim.
Team 2 with balloon
 Getting instructions.
From the left:  Tom, Dave, Kim, Aaron Bansemer (Univ. of Oklahoma), Kevin,
Wes, Vera, Lee, and Dr. Maribeth Stolzenburg (Univ. of Mississippi).
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