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Langmuir Lab, 1999, Photo Gallery
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  The photos on this page were taken by Aaron Bansemer (Univ. of Oklahoma) and Dave Rust (NSSL).
Page 6 - Other work activities of the balloonists.
Dr. Marshall gets interviewed by a television crew from Arizona.


 A visit to the Langmuir Lab radar trailer, where Graydon Aulich (pictured)
and Steve Hunyady (both of New Mexico Tech) were typically hard at work.
Balloon recovery was another popular activity for some.  Here, a downed instrument train
has been found on the Plains of San Augustin, about 15 flight-miles from the balloon hangar.
Dave Rust first decides how best to extract the electric field meter from the cactus.
The rest of this balloon recovery team shows its trophies.
From left:  Dr. Paul Krehbiel (New Mexico Tech), Linda Rust, and Kay Krehbiel.
Thank you!
A few balloons required more sophisticated spotting techniques.  Here, Arnold Ebneter's
plane has been hired for a reconnaisance mission during which four balloons were sighted.
(In the distance is "M" Mountain, a Socorro landmark.)
Back at the hangar, the retrieved balloons and instruments are inspected.
Here, Maribeth and Kim (and someone with a tape measure) show where this
polyethylene balloon was melted by part of a lightning channel.

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