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We are pleased to announce the Roots & Shoots Global Youth Survey, a research study about R&S and youth development being conducted by Dr. Laura Johnson and Dr. Julie Johnson-Pynn. These two sisters, who are both psychologists, grew up admiring Dr. Jane and her work. After hearing Dr. Jane speak in 2000, the Johnson sisters were inspired to conduct research to learn about how R&S involvement could foster personal and social growth in members.

So far, they have conducted small studies in the U.S., Tanzania and China. In the past few years, the sisters began publishing their findings in journals and presenting at professional conferences, such as the International Primatological Society and the American Psychological Association.  Julie has recently WON a U.S. Fulbright grant to work with R&S groups in Tanzania and Uganda, while Laura is working on the Roots & Shoots Global Youth Survey.

If your R&S group has members between the ages of 13-24 years-old, we encourage you to consider participation in this survey. This is a great opportunity to learn information that could be helpful to our organization and also contribute to a greater understanding of positive youth development. Participation can be counted as a human service activity and there are ideas for reflection, discussion and action related to the study available here . Please look for recruiting messages on the R&S listserve, website or email to particpate. Additionally, some groups may be contacted by staff of the R&S office or by members of the research team. We look forward to supporting and participating in this  scientific effort!  


Jane Goodall formed Roots & Shoots in 1993

Goodall realized that protecting the Gombe chimpanzees would require a grassroots, community effort involving youth’s participation in sustainable development activities.

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 Laura Johnson

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