Jackson Lab - Microbial ecology

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BISC 333 - General Microbiology (4 hrs). A survey of the principles and concepts of microbiology including the biochemistry, cell biology, metabolism, genetics, ecology, evolution, and biodiversity of microorganisms, as well as the impacts of microorganisms on human affairs. Generally offered to undergraduates each Fall semester.

BISC 542 - Microbial Diversity (4 hrs). An introduction to modern concepts of bacterial diversity, systematics, and the phylogenetic relationships between microorganisms. Emphasis will be on the ecology, physiology, and taxonomy of microorganisms in natural habitats. Laboratory exercises focus on traditional and modern methods to evaluate the diversity of bacteria in environmental samples. Generally offered to undergraduates and graduate students each Fall semester.

BISC 597 - Advanced Topics in Biology - Bacterial Biofilms in Disease and Nature (1 hr). A seminar/discussion style course on the importance of biofilms (attached microbial communities) in pathogenic and natural systems.


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