Using SAP

Authorization to Use SAP Applications

Access to SAP functions (described under Training) requires a written request signed by the user and the user’s supervisor.

  • Authorization Request Form: For access to Notifications, CATS/Timesheets, Reports, Procurement Card, Materials Management, or Asset Management
  • SLcM Authorization Request Form: For access to all student/academic processes
  • SAP User Agreement Form: Required of all SAP GUI users
  • Additional SAP License Request Form: Required for users filling positions that have not previously used the SAP GUI (new departments, new positions, etc.)
  • Complete the forms and fax them to (662) 915-7180 or scan and attach to email. Be sure to check off the activities you need to access.
  • Be sure that you and your supervisor sign and date the form(s).
  • Users must attend the appropriate SAP Training before receiving the access requested by their departments.

Authorization to Use Web Applications

In order to access certain applications on myOleMiss, a user must submit an authorization request form signed by the department in charge of the application.

Installing SAP on a Computer

In order to access the SAP system, you must have the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface)  software installed on your computer. The GUI must always be maintained at the current version and patch level.

  • If you have a PC with Windows XP or a Mac, you may choose the self-install option for installation or upgrading the SAP GUI.
  • If you have a PC with Vista or Windows 7, please contact the IT Helpdesk to have the SAP GUI installed.

When requesting assistance with the SAP GUI installation, Indicate if you need it installed on a Mac or a PC.  If PC, please include your operating system information (XP, Vista, Windows7, etc.).