SWICA I: Morocco

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Title: Fortress, Essaouira, Morocco

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Title: Hotel Ryad Mogador, SWICA Conference Site

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Title: Hotel Swimming Pool

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Title: Hotel Room

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Title: Berber Music and Dancing During Conference Banquet

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Title: More Berber Music and Dancing

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Title: Dr. Fawang Liu and Mrs. Liu Enjoying Berber Music

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Title: This is Conference Lunch!

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Title: Tour Guide Explaining the History of Essaouira

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Title: Shaul Sorek, at Gate of Old Town

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Title: Essaouira Fish Port

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Title: Jacob Bear and Alex Cheng, Essaouira Old Town

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Title: Luis Marin and Alex Cheng, on Top of Rampart

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Title: Alex Cheng and Ahmed Naji, on the Rampar

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