The Second International Conference and Workshop on

Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Aquifers

Monitoring, Modeling, and Management




Workshop: March 28-29, 2003

Conference: March 31-April 2, 2003

Field Trip: April 2-5, 2003


Merida, Mexico










Luis Marin

Alexander H.-D. Cheng




Conference Chair

Luis Marin (Mexico)

International Organizing Committee

Giovanni Barrocu (Italy)

Jacob Bear (Israel)

Alexander H.-D. Cheng (USA)

Leonard F. Konikow (USA)

Clifford I. Voss (USA)

Driss Ouazar (Morocco)

International Scientific Committee

Reinder Boekelman (Netherlands)

Giuseppe Gambolati (Italy)

Claudio Paniconi (Italy)

Peter Swarzenski (USA)

Jack Kindinger (USA)

Patricia Beddows (UK)

Advisory Board

Ismael Herrera (Mexico)

Abdin Salih (UNESCO Representative)

Local Organizing Committee

Julia Pacheco

Jaime Garfias

Armando Alcala

Adrian Flores

Rodrigo Vilchis



Workshop: Practical Modeling of Saltwater Intrusion: Variable-Density Flow and Solute Transport Simulation Using the U.S. Geological Survey SUTRA Code

Lecturers: Cliff Voss and Leonard Konikow, US Geological Survey

Date: March 28-29, 2003


Field Trips


Field Trip I: Northwest Coast of Yucatan (PowerPoint Presentation)


Eugene C. Perry (Northern Illinois University)

Luis Marin (Autonomous University of Mexico)

Julia Pacheko (Universidad Autónoma de Yucatan)

Date: April 2-3, 2003



Field Trip II: Northeast Yucatan


Bill Ward (Louisiana State University)

Eugene C. Perry (Northern Illinois University)

Luis Marin (Autonomous University of Mexico)

Date: April 3-5, 2003





Conference Program

Case Studies: Yucatan, Mexico

1.         Physical Hydrogeology of Yucatan (Keynote)

Luis E Marin (Mexico)

2.         Geochemistry of Yucatan (Keynote)

Eugene C. Perry (USA)

3.         Environmental Issues of Yucatan  (Keynote)

Julia Pacheco (Mexico)

4.         Differences in Hydrostratigraphy of NE and NW Yucatan Revealed by Resistivity Soundings: a Consequence of Tertiary Tectonics?

       S. Tulaczyk and E.C. Perry (Mexico/USA)

5.         Is It Safe to Inject Sewage Below the Fresh/Salt Water Interface in the Yucatecan Karst Coastal Aquifer?

Miguel J. Villasuso-Pino, Eduardo Graniel-Castro, Ismael Sánchez–Pinto, Iván Pérez-Sansores, and Juan Vázquez-Montalvo (Mexico)

6.         Hydrogeological Reserve Zone for Merida

Oscar Escolero (Mexico)

7.         Identification of Sources of Ground Water Discharge in Celestun Lagoon Using Radium Isotopes and Multiple Chemical Tracers   

B. Megan Young, Adina Paytan, and Jorge Herrera-Silveira (USA/Mexico)

8.         Impact of the Submarine Water Discharge on the Hydrological Heterogeneity in the North of Yucatan (SE, Mexico)

Jorge A. Herrera-Silveira and Luis Troccoli (Mexico)

9.         Modelling of Salinity and Temperature Effects Upon Ground Water in the Surficial Carbonate Aquifer, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

D.H. Easley, A. Gaubert, A. Dausman, and R.K. Stoessell (USA)

10.     Diagenetic Processes in the Cenozoic Sedimentary Formations Associated with the Chicxulub Impact Crater, Northwestern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Mihai Lefticariu, Eugene C. Perry, Liliana Leftticariu (Mexico/USA)

11.     Saline Interface Characterization at the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

L. Gonzales, L. M. Arteaga, C. Gutiérrez, J.L. Acosta, and E. Graniel (Mexico)

12.     Stable Isotope Variations In Deep Yucatan Cenotes

Richard A. Socki and Eugene C. Perry (USA)

Case Studies: Mexico

13.     Groundwater Quality Research on Cozumel Island, State of Quintana Roo, Mexico

J. Wurl, S. Giese, O. Frausto, and G. Chale (Mexico/Germany)

14.     Feasibily Study to Apply a Potential Scavenger-well Abstraction at the Cozumel Island, Q. Roo, Mexico

Allen Zack and Fernando Lara (Puerto Rico/Mexico)

15.     Morphopedologic Analysis on Cozumel Island: Quintana Roo – Mexico

O Frausto, J. Wurl, S. Giese, and G. Chale (Mexico/Germany)

16.     Sierra de la Laguna: Research of the Hydraulic Balance in the South of the Peninsula Baja California Sur, Mexico

J. Wurl and J.C. Arce-Ojeda (Mexico)

17.     Control Methods Against Sea Water Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers: Case of Guaymas and Boca Abierta Aquifers in Northwest of Mexico

Armando G. Canales, Rodrigo González, Luis Islas (Mexico)

18.     Salinization in the Coastal Aquifers of Arid Zones: The Case of Santo Domingo, Baja California Sur

A. Cardona, J.J. Carrillo-Rivera, and R. Huizar-Alvarez (Mexico)

19.     Saline-Fresh Water Relationships at the Coyuca Sand-Bar Aquifer, Guerrero

Ruben Chavez G., Fernando Lara G., Pedro Soto N. (Mexico)

20.     Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model of the Coastal Aquifer of Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico

Rodrigo Gonzalez and Luis E. Marin (Mexico)

21.     Groudwater Flow Through Faults-Fractures Systems: An Alternative Water Supply for Oaxaca´s Coastal Area

René Morales-Luis and Javier S. Salgado-Pareja (Mexico)

22.     The Water Resources Development in La Mision Coastal Aquifer, Baja California, México

O. García, O. A. Escolero, R. Chávez, C. Gómez, and J.F. Telles (Mexico)

23.     Groundwater Exploration at the Coacoyul-San Miguelito Coastal Aquifer, Guerrero, Mexico

V. Castañon A., P. Soto N., A. Cardona B., N. Hernandez L. (Mexico)

24.     Electromagnetic Exploration of the Coastal Aquifer, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Bruno Verduzco Saldaña, Luis E. Marín, and Birgit Steinich (Mexico)

Case Studies: Florida, USA

25.     Evidence for Phosphate Uptake in Aquifer Mixing Waters of Florida’s Key Largo Limestone

Jaye E. Cable, D. Reide Corbett, and Maud M. Walsh (USA)

26.     Characterization of Saltwater Intrusion into the Upper Floridan Aquifer of the Southern West-Central Florida Ground-Water Basin

Michael H. Beach (USA)

27.     Saltwater Intrusion and the Minimum Aquifer Level in the Southern Water Use Caution Area

M. D. Barcelo, M. H. Beach, R. Schultz, and D. L. Moore (USA)

28.     Shallow Karst Aquifer System of the Lake Belt Study Area, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA

Jack Kindinger and Kevin J Cunningham (USA)

29.     Relationship Among Water Levels, Canal Stage and Saltwater Intrusion, Southeastern Florida, USA

A.M. Dausman and C.D. Langevin (USA)

30.     A Model of Seawater Intrusion in Surficial and Confined Aquifers of Northeast Florida

William C. Hutchings and David L. Tarbox (USA)

31.     Terrestrial Brackish Groundwater Discharge Associated with Seawater Intrusion: Everglades National Park, Florida USA

René M. Price, Peter K. Swart, Zafer Top, and James Happell (USA)

32.     Aquifer Heterogeneity and Well-Field Operations Affect Ground-Water Flow and Chloride Distribution in the Upper Floridan Aquifer West-Central Florida, USA

Ann B. Tihansky (USA)

Case Studies: USA

33.     Saltwater Intrusion Control Stratigraphic Controls on Salt-Water Intrusion in Siliciclastic Coastal Aquifers: Los Angeles, CA USA

Brian D. Edwards, Daniel J. Ponti, John C. Tinsley, III, Kenneth D. Ehman, Michael T. Land, and Eric G. Reichard (USA)

34.     Modeling Ground-Water Flow and Salt Water in the Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifer System, Virginia, United States

Charles E. Heywood (USA)

35.     Modeling Seawater Intrusion of the Coastal Plain Aquifers of New York City, USA

P.E. Misut, W. Yulinsky, D. Cohen, D. St. Germain, C. I. Voss, and J. Monti Jr. (USA)

Case Studies: North/Central/South America

36.     Geologic Controls on the Occurrence of Saltwater Intrusion in Heterogeneous and Fractured Island Aquifers, Southwestern British Columbia, Canada

D.M. Allen, E. Liteanu, and D.C. Mackie (Canada)

37.     The Occurrence of Groundwater on Islands of the Belizean Barrier Reef

Daniel W. Urish (USA)

38.     Hydrogeochemical Processes Associated with Salt Water Intrusion in Coastal, Carstic Aquifers: The Guira-Quivican Case Study, Southern La Habana Basin

Patricia González Hernández, Juan R. Fagundo Castillo, Arsenio González Martínez, Emilio M. Romero Macías, Diego Luis Orihuela Calvo, Margaret Suárez Muñoz, Clara Melián Rodríguez, Joel Fagundo Sierra, and Sigilfredo Jiménez (Cuba/Spain)

39.     Evaluation of Impacts of the South Dike of the County Havana, Using a Model of Abrupt Interface

Haydeé Llanusa Ruiz.and Armando O. Hernández Valdés (Cuba)

40.     Monitoring Time and Spatial Changes in Groundwater Salinity in Recife Coastal Plain

S.M.G.L. Montenegro, W.D. Costa, J.J.S.P. Cabral, A.A. de A. Montenegro, E. S. de Lima1, J. Manoel Filho, and J.G.A. Demétrio (Brazil)

Case Studies: Europe

41.     New Analytical Data for Identifying the Causes of Groundwater Salination in the Muravera Plain (Se Sardinia)

F. Ardauf and G. Barbieri (Italy)


42.     Hydrogeology and Seawater Intrusion in the Arborea Plain (Sardinia, Italy)

            G. Barbieri & A. Sanna (Italy)

43.     Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of the Underground Hydraulic Resource of the Plain of Oristano (Center-Western Sardinia)

Giovanni Barrocu (Italy)

44.     Modelling Lateral Saltwater Intrusion Mechanisms in Fractured Rocks Using Spatial Correlation Analysis: A Case-Study in the Murgia Aquifer (Southern Italy)

G. Raspa, O. Santoro, L. Tulipano, M. Maggiore, and D. Santoro (Italy)

45.     Geostatistical Study of the Salinization Risk at Mexilhoeira Grane–Portimao Aquifer (Portugal)

Rita Salgueiro & Luís Ribeiro (Portugal)

46.     Geogenic Inland Salinization in Pore Water Aquifers of North Germany–Occurrence and Influence on Public Water Supply

A. Grube and , A. Rogge (Germany)

47.     Delineating the Saltwater Wedge in Two Carbonate Aquifers in Mallorca (Spain)

N. Van Meir, M. Herfort, D. Jaeggi, and S. Löw (Switzerland)

48.     Modeling Karst Salty Springs in Coastal Carbonate Aquifers (S’almadrava, Mallorca, Spain)

Esteban Sanz, Emilio Custodio, Jesús Carrera, Carlos Ayora, Alfredo Barón, and Concepción González (Spain)

49.     The Geochemistry of a Seawater Intrusion Experiment in a Shallow Sandy Aquifer, Skansehage Denmark

M. S. Andersen, V. Nyvang, R. Jakobsen and D. Postma (Denmark)

Case Studies: Africa

50.     Is High Salinity in Coastal Aquifers Only Due to Marine Intrusion? Example of the Structural Control in the Mahafaly Karstic Aquifer (SW, Madagascar)

Grégoire Andre, Luc Guyot, Gilles Bergeron, Eric Mercier, and Christian Hibsch (France/Madagascar)

51.     Irrigated Agriculture and Industries: Conflict in the Niayes Coastal Aquifer

Ndiaye Babacar (Senegal)

52.     Density Flow on Islands in the Okavango Delta: Small-Scale Field Evidence and Implications for the Large-Scale Salt Balance

Peter Bauer, Stephanie Zimmermann, Robert Supper, Thomas Gumbricht, and Wolfgang Kinzelbach (Switzerland)

53.     Origin and Distribution of Saline Groundwater in the Saloum (Senegal) Coastal Aquifer

S. Faye, S. Cissé Faye, andD. Evans (Senegal/USA)

54.     Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Investigation of Coastal Aquifers in Tunisia—Crisis in Overexploitation and Salinization

N. Gaaloul and A.H.-D. Cheng (Tunisia/USA)

55.     Saltwater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifers in Nigeria

A.U. Oteri and F.P. Atolagbe (Nigeria)

56.     Salinity of the Groundwater in the Western of Morocco, Rharb Basin

Lahcen Zouhri (France)



Case Studies: Middle East

57.     Two Case Studies of Geophysical Delineation of Salt Water Intrusion in Yemen: Wadi Hadramaut and the Tuban And Abyan Deltas

Paul Bauman, Richard Kellett, Gilein Steensma, Christine Cadman, Paul Hardisty, and Jane Dottridge (Canada/UK)

58.     Hydrological and Geochemical Aspects of Sinkholes’ Formation Along the Dead Sea Coastal Area

Y. Yechieli, C.I. Voss, V. Lyakhovski, M. Abelson, G. Baer, D. Wachs, V. Shtivelman, O. Crouvi, and M. Goldman (Israel/USA)

Case Studies: Asia

59.     Historical Analysis of Chloride Ion Concentrations in Production Wells in the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer, Guam, Mariana Islands

Mauryn Quenga McDonald & John W. Jenson (Guam)

60.     The Origin and Hydrogeochemical Properties for Salinization of a Shallow Coastal Groundwater in Reclaimed Area, KOREA

Rak-Hyeon Kim, Eun-Sik Kim and Ho-Wan Chnag (Korea)

Control and Remediation

61.     Coastal Aquifer Is A Natural SAT System In Removing Organic Parameters from Seawater, Kuwait

Joji  Abraham & Adel Al-Haddad (Kuwait)

62.     Permeability Reduction to Prevent Salt Water Intrusion in a Groundwater System at the Basilicata Region, South Italy

G.H.P.Oude Essink (Netherlands)

63.     Effect of a Physical Barrier for Controlling Seawater Intrusion

Quanlin Zhou, Jacob Bear, and Jacob Bensabat (USA/Israel)

Planning and Management

64.     Developing Sustainable Water Supplies from a Small Coastal Aquifer with both Onshore and Offshore Environmental Constraints

Derrik Williams and M. Feeney (USA)


65.     Heterogeneous Dispersive Henry problem

E. Abarca, J. Carrera, and X. Sánchez-Vila (Spain)




66.     Vertical Salinization by Free Convection: A Simple Benchmark Problem Based on Physical Theory

Henk Kooi (Netherlands)

Numerical Modeling

67.     Boundary Condition at the Natural Discharge Zone of a Coastal Free Aquifer

Ruben Martinez Guerra (Mexico)

68.     Collocation Method in Solving Saltwater Intrusion Problems

H. Gotovac, R. Andricevic, B. Gotovac, and M. Vranjes (Croatia)

69.     Application of the Pitzer’s Approach for an Accurate Density Calculation of the Natural and Industrial Brines: A Possible Improvement for Groundwater Flow Models

M. Azaroual, Ch. Kervévan, A. Menjoz, and A. Sbai (France)

70.     Numerical Solution of the Two-Dimensional Time-Dependent Transport Equation

Khaled Ismail Hamza1 (Jordan)

71.     Numerical Modeling of Salt-Water Intrusion at Shabester Plain in Iran

Majid Khayyat Kholghi and Sajjad Bernoussi (Iran)

72.     SUTRA and HST3D Modeling and Management of Saltwater Intrusion from Brackish Canals in Southeast Florida

Manfred Koch and Anupma Sharma (Germany/India)

73.     Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Macrodispersion of Density‑Dependent Transport in Stochastically Heterogeneous Media: Effects of Boundary Conditions and at High Concentrations

Manfred Koch and Bettina Starke (Germany)

74.     Calibration of a Variable-Density Groundwater Flow Model Using Detailed Airborne Geophysical Data

C.D. Langevin, D. Fitterman, M. Deszcz-Pan (USA)

75.     Seawater Intrusion at Guaymas Valley, Mexico: A Flow and Transport Model

Manuel Martínez-Morales (Mexico)

76.     Three Dimensional Mixed Finite Elements Methods and High Resolution Finite Volumes for the Solution of Density Dependent Flow and Transport in Groundwater

Annamaria Mazzia and Mario Putti (Italy)

77.     Implementation of Solute Return Flow from Irrigation into a Numerical Finite Element Code

Ellen Milnes and Philippe Renard (Switzerland)

78.     Simulation of Three-Dimensional Variable-Density Groundwater Flow and Optimization of Groundwater Use in a Coastal Area

L.H. Motz and R. Yurtal (USA/Turkey)

79.     Parallel Development of MODFLOW and SUTRA Models In Coastal Georgia, U.S.A.: An Approach to Study Regional Ground-Water Flow and Local Saltwater Intrusion

Dorothy F. Payne, Alden M. Provost, and Clifford I. Voss (USA)

80.     A Modelling Framework for Numerical Analysis of Groundwater and Multicomponent Transport Processes: TAFFETAS Software Suite

M.A.Sbai and A. Menjoz (France)

81.     Managing Saltwater Intrusion in The Pioneer Valley, Northern Queensland, Australia: Modelling Strategies, Preliminary Results and Future Challenges

A. Werner (Australia)

82.     The Application of a New Particle Method to the Solution of the Transport Equation in Density-Dependent Flow Problems

S. Zimmermann, R. Held, J. Walther, and W. Kinzelbach (Switzerland)

Sea Level Rise

83.     The Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers and the Effect of Some Protective Measures for Preserving Environment

Katsuyuki Fujinawa (Japan)

84.     Impact of Climate Change on the Groundwater Flow System of the Water Board of Rijnland, the Netherlands

Gualbert Oude Essink  & Frans Schaars (Netherlans)

Geostatistical and Stochastic Studies

85.     Geostatistical Estimation of Saltwater Contamination in Israel's Coastal Aquifer

Orna Amir and Jacob Bensabat (Israel)

86.     Estimating the Impact of a Discontinuous Confining Layer on the Seawater Intrusion Using a Stochastic Approach: The Oristano Coastal Aquifer Site (Sardinia, Italy)

Giuditta Lecca and Pierluigi Cau (Italy)

Geochemical and Isotope Studies

87.     The Geochemistry of a Seawater Intrusion Experiment in a Shallow Sandy Aquifer, Skansehage Denmark

M. S. Andersen, V. Nyvang, R. Jakobsen and D. Postma (Denmark)

88.     Geochemical Processes Affecting Metal Contaminants in an Estuarine Acidic Aquifer, Ayrshire, Scotland

P. Enot, A. Barry, L. Li (UK)

89.     Pore Water Analyses of Low-Permeability Sediments as a Tool for Reconstruction of Hydrological Processes

V.E.A. Post, H. Kooi, and J. Groen (Netherlands)

90.     Dynamics and Geochemical Evolution of Seawater Intruding into a Coastal Aquifer

O. Sivan, Y. Yechieli, B. Herut, and B. Lazar (Israel)

91.     Using a Suite of Radium Isotopes and CH4 to Study Submarine Groundwater Discharge at a Site in Indian River Bay, DE


P.W. Swarzenski, P.L. Sutton and M. Crawford (USA)


Water Quality and Pollution

92.     Subterraneous Injection of Nutrient Rich Brackish Water to Coastal Arabian Sea

K. K. Balachandran and Joseph Sebastian Paimpillil (India)

93.     Groundwater quality in a coastal detrital aquifer impacted by agricultural contamination (Vélez-Málaga, Spain)

Jose Luis García Aróstegui, Carmen Hidalgo Estévez, and Jose Benavente Herrera (Spain)

94.     Sea Water Intrusion and Correlated Pollution: The Case of Mercury Contamination of Coastal Aquifers in Southern Tuscany (Central Italy)

S. Grassi (Italy)

95.     Modeling of Bio-Chemical Reducing Process of Salt Groundwater in a Coastal Aquifer

G. Guerra, K. Nakamura, Y. Hiroshiro and K. Jinno (Japan)

Geophysical Studies

96.     Geophysical Investigations Using VES and TEM to Delineate Freshwater/Saline Water Interface at the Keta Strip, Central Region, Ghana

B. Banoeng-Yakubo, V. Hotor, N.O. Jørgensen, and L. Skjernaa (Ghana/Denmark)

97.     Some Experiences Derived from the Joint Use of Hydrochemical and Geophysical Networks to Delineate Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

A. Casas, M. Himi, J.C. Tapias, V. Pinto, and L. Rivero (Spain)

98.     Geophysical Views of Karstic Porosity and Ground-Water Flow Within Pleistocene High-Frequency Carbonate Cycles of the Coastal Biscayne Aquifer, Southeastern Florida, USA

Kevin J. Cunningham, Jack L. Kindinger (USA)

99.     Marses: Possibilities of Long-Term Monitoring Spatial/Time Variations and Changes of subsurface Geoelectrical Section on the Base Results of the Geophysical Survey Salt/Water Interface on the Marina Di Ragusa, Sicily And Shelter Island, USA

Y. R. Ozorovich (Russia)

100. Estimating Specific Capacity from Piezometric Level Autocorrelation Function: A Case Study in the Murgia Karst Coastal Aquifer (Southern Italy)

G. Raspa, O. Santoro, L. Tulipano, M. Maggiore, D. Santoro (Italy)


101. Pumping Optimization in Saltwater Intruded Aquifers by Simple Genetic Algorithm—Deterministic Model

M.K. Benhachmi, D. Ouazar, A. Naji, A.H.-D. Cheng, K. EL Harrouni (Morocco/USA)

102. Chance-Constrained Pumping Optimization in Saltwater Intruded Aquifers by Simple Genetic Algorithm—Stochastic Model

M.K. Benhachmi, D. Ouazar, A. Naji, A.H.-D. Cheng, K. EL Harrouni (Morocco/USA)

103. Evolutionary Optimization for Regional-Scale Management Coastal Aquifers: A Model for Sustainable Use of Coastal Water Resources

Júlio F. Ferreira da Silva and Naim Haie (Portugal)


104. Optimization of Ground Water Withdrawal Rates in Coastal Regions

Namsik Park, Sung Hun Hong, Myung Geun Shim, Soo Young Han, Sang Keun Bae (Korea)

Coastal Groundwater Dynamics

105. Dynamics of the Salt-Freshwater Mixing Zone in Ocean Beaches

N. Cartwright and P. Nielsen (Australia)

106. Tidal Effects on Fresh-Saline Water Interface Fluctuations in Coastal Aquifers

Ariel Lazar, Haim Gvirtzman, and Yosseph Yechieli (Israel)

107. Ground Water Discharge to Estuaries: What Are Its Origins and Impacts?

Jonathan B. Martin, Jaye E. Cable, Peter W. Swarzenski (USA)

108. Impact of Tidal Variations on the Groundwater System Beneath Cork City, SW Ireland

Dejan Milenic and Alistair Allen (Ireland)

109. Determining Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Coastal Oceanic Setting, Florida Keys, USA

Christopher Reich, Gene Shinn, and Don Hickey (USA)

110. The Flushing Effect Revisited

J.M. Uffink Gerard (Netherlans)

111. Interaction of the Sea And Groundwater: Investigation Water Pollution in the Baltic Sea

A.N. Voronov and  E.A. Viventsova (Russia)

112. Influence of Water Retention Hysteresis in Cyclic Groundwater Systems

Werner and D. Lockington (Australia)

113. Surface Water Intrusion Due to Tidal Fluctuations Treasure Island, San Francisco, California

Jerry Wickham, Craig Freeman, and Ellen Casados (USA)


114. A Network in Sicily Devoted to Groundwater Monitoring

P.L. Cosentino, G. Geraci, S. Pellerito, I. Razo Amoroz, T. Vega (Italy)

115. Vrana Lake on Cres Island – Genesis, Characteristics and Prospects

Mladen Kuhta (Croatia)

116. Groundwater Quality Monitoring in a Coastal Mediterranean Aquifer Affected by Agricultural Contamination and Seawater Intrusion-Extrusion Processes (Vélez River, Andalusia, Spain)

J. L. García-Aróstegui, M.C. Hidalgo, and J. Benavente (Spain)