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o        WRI 01-4246: Hydrogeologic framework, availability of water supplies, and saltwater intrusion, Cape May County, New Jersey, by P.J. Lacombe and G.B. Carleton

o        WRI 00-4124: Spatial distribution, temporal variability, and chemistry of the Salt Wedge in the lower Charles River, Massachusetts, June 1998 to July 1999, by R.F. Breault, L.K. Barlow, K.D. Reisig, and G.W. Parker

o        WRI 99-4214: Delineation of saltwater intrusion in the surficial aquifer system in eastern Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties, Florida, 1997-98, by C.D. Hittle

o        WRI 98-4069: Simulation of the Effects of Development of the Ground-Water Flow System of Long Island, New York by Herbert T. Buxton and Douglas A. Smolensky

o        WRI 98-4085: Design, revisions, and considerations for continued use of a ground-water-flow model of the Coastal Plain aquifer system in Virginia, by E. Randolph McFarland

o        WRI 92-4174: Saltwater intrusion and quality of water in the Floridan Aquifer System, Northeastern Florida, by R.M. Spechler

o        Open-File Report 02-235: Bibliography on the occurrence and intrusion of saltwater in aquifers along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, by P.M. Barlow and E.C. Wild

o        Circular 1075: Coasts in Crisis

o        Fact Sheet 095-02: Vulnerability of U.S. National Parks to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Change

o        Circular 1186: Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources by E. Robert Thieler, S. Jeffress Williams, and Rebecca Beavers

o        Circular 1262: Ground Water in Freshwater-Saltwater Environments of the Atlantic Coast