UM 2020 - Strategic Plan Resources




he Office of Strategic Planning and the Office of Institutional Research have assembled the following data sources to aid in the creation of the UM 2020 Strategic Plan. These data sources are also useful for the departments and units across campus in their unit level planning processes.

UM Data Book

UM employees can view the UM 2020 Data Book by using the following link and logging into myOleMiss. This data book contains a wealth of information about enrollment trends, peer comparisons, and financial information. An institution-wide SWOT analysis is also available, as well as a summary report of the UM 2020 Vision Survey.

UM 2020 Vision Survey

The UM 2020 Vision Survey yielded over 2,300 completed surveys by UM faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Over 39% of our faculty, 25% of our staff, along with hundreds of students and alumni completed an extensive survey regarding the future of our institution. Over 10,000 ideas were submitted by the respondents and analyzed by the Strategic Planning Council, and formed the basis for the selection of the Priorities of Excellence. You can read a summary of the survey results on myOleMiss webpage.

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment has a wide selection of annual reports available directly on their website.