Mississippi Matinee an Exhibition of the State and the Silver Screen
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Introduction: Mississippi Matinée(3)
We have chosen the most striking items in our collections – both visually and intellectually. These include everything from rare Faulkner pressbooks from the then "scandalous" picture The Story of Temple Drake (1933) to unique early daybills for blues related films such as Bessie Smith’s St. Louis Blues. (1929). It is an attempt to draw from every part of the department and has involved the cooperation of each member of our staff. I want to thank my collaborators who contributed so much to this endeavor: Jeffrey Boyce, Shugana Campbell, Chatham Ewing, Joey Hammond, Gregory Johnson, and Leigh McWhite. In addition, our Library Dean, Julia Rholes, has been a constant supporter of Special Collections, encouraging our staff at each step of this process. I would also like to thank the retired Head of Special Collections, Dr. Thomas Verich, for his foresight in collecting much of this wonderful material when many believed it to be unimportant.
Several wonderful donors have contributed greatly to our holdings in this area: most notably Mrs. Ann Jefcoat Rayburn , Mrs. Leila Clark Wynn, Mr. William Lewis, Jr., and Mr. Matthew Bouchard. Without their help this event could not have been possible. They have given without regard for gain, and their kindness to Special Collections and the University is unbounded.
With all that being said I now invite you to sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show...
Jennifer Ford
Head, Special Collections

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