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This course is an introduction to the political economy of East Asia. In the past decades the economies of East Asia (broadly defined to include all the Asian countries east of Myanmar) have generally performed well compared with the rest of the world. Political scientists and economists, among others, have offered various and often opposing explanations for East Asia's high growth, as well as for the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 - 1998. A large part of the debate centers on the role of the state in the economic development of East Asia. Therefore, starting with an overview of the performance of East Asian economies, this course shall examine the development strategies and policies of the major economies in the region. Conflicting arguments shall be discussed and analyzed and by the end of the semester students are expected to have developed sufficiently sophisticated skills and understanding for their further study of the political economy of East Asia.

This course has a heavy reading load and links to the readings are posted and updated on this web page throughout the semester, so students should visit the course web site regularly. It is essential for students to read (often critically) the required materials before class and attend all class sessions. Class participation accounts for 15% of the course grade.

Each student is also required to make two (2) brief (about 10 minutes) in-class presentations of most recent news on East Asia. The presentation accounts for 15% of the course grade. In reporting the news, the presenter should synthesize news stories from at least two major mass media outlets. If necessary the presenter should also provide some background information to help the class understand the story better. After each presentation there will be a short period in which the presenter responds to questions or comments from the audience. For the preparation of the presentation, there are many English-language websites that cover news on East Asia. Some of those are linked from the online resources section on this web page.

There will be two (2) essay assignments, one scheduled mid-term exam, and one final exam for the course. The essay assignments will be posted on BlackBoard and account for 20% of the grade. The mid-term exam in class on Thursday, October 10th accounts for 25% of the course grade. The final exam will start at 16:00 on Wednesday, December 11th. It accounts for 25% of the course grade.



DateDayLecture NotesRequired Readings
Part I: Introduction and Overview
August 27thTuesdayIntroduction
August 29thThursdayIssues and Concepts
September 3rdTuesdayAsian Century: An East Asia Perspective
September 5thThursdayDevelopmental State
September 10thTuesdayAsian Financial Crisis: The End of the Asian Miracle
September 12thThursdayEast Asian Development Model Recosidered
September 17thTuesdayVideo: "Asian Values Devalued"
Part II: Political Economy of East Asia Countries
September 19thThursdayJapan in the 1960s
September 24thTuesdayJapan in the 1990s
September 26thThursdayPolitical and Economic Transformation
October 1stTuesdaySouth Korean Economic Development
October 3rdThursdaySources of the South Korean Economic Crisis
October 8thTuesdayAssignment on BlackBoard
October 10thThursdayMid-term ExamAll the above.
October 15thTuesdayChina's Economic Reform - an Overview
  • Naughton, Barry. 2007. Introduction, in The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
October 17thThursdayDocumentary video: "Win in China: the story of China's entrepreneurial revolution"
October 22ndTuesdayCurrent Political Economy Regime in China's Mainland
October 24thThursdayComparing China and India
October 29thTuesdayComparing Mainland China and Taiwan
October 31stThursdayComparing China and USA
November 5thTuesdayComparing Taiwan and South Korea
November 7thThursdayComparing Hong Kong and Singapore
Part III: East Asia and Globalization
November 12thTuesdayThe Debate about Globalization
  • Bhagwati, Jagdish N. "Anti-Globalization: Why?" Chapter 1 in In Defense of Globalization, Oxford University Press, March 2004.
November 14thThursdayUS-China Trade
November 19thTuesdayPRC-Japan-ASEAN relations
November 21stThursdayPick one (1) pair of countries from the following list and write a four-page paper comparing the two governments' responses to the global financial crisis since 2007. 1) Japan and South Korea; 2) China and India; 3) Mainland China and Taiwan; 4) South Korea and Taiwan; 5) Singapore and Hong Kong. The four-page count excludes the title page (if any), tables or figures (if any), footnotes or end notes (if any), and list of references. Please cite sources properly. The essay is due on Blackboard by midnight on Friday, November 22nd. Late submission will be penalized by one point per hour late.
December 3rdTuesdayeconomic cooperation and integration
December 5thThursdayAPEC
December 11thWednesdayFinal ExamAll the above since the mid-term exam


August 27thTuesday
August 29thThursdayGrace AyerNorth Korea tourism
September 3rdTuesday
September 5thThursdayMathew BrockmannJapan nuclear plant
September 10thTuesdayWilliam BumpasChina anti-corruption campaign
September 12thThursdayWebb DuncanKaesong industrial park
September 17thTuesdaySam KapoorRupee depreciation
September 19thThursdayBrian KatesChina role in Syria
September 24thTuesday
September 26thThursday
October 1stTuesdaySteven MocklerChina consumption
October 3rdThursdayKevin NguyenNorth Korea spy
October 8thTuesday
October 10thThursdayMid-term Exam
October 15thTuesdayGrace AyerJapan typhoon
October 17thThursday
October 22ndTuesdayMathew BrockmannChina air pollution
October 24thThursdayWilliam BumpasChina English education
October 29thTuesdayWebb DuncanChina smog
October 31stThursdaySam KapoorChina terrorist attack
November 5thTuesdayBrian KatesChina Dalai Lama
November 7thThursdayEmily Matoh
November 12thTuesdaySteven MocklerChina official rumors
November 14thThursday
November 19thTuesdayKevin NguyenTyphoon Haiyan
November 21stThursday
December 3rdTuesday
December 5thThursday
December 11thWednesdayFinal Exam