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Warm-Up and Maintenance Routines for Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba

Level 1: for Beginning Players


Mouthpiece Buzzing

Daily Routine (On the Instrument)

For an effective routine at an ability level between the Level 1 and Level 2 routines presented here, try the 15-Minute Warm-Up available from Hip-Bone Music. Not only are the exercises effective, but the book includes an accompaniment CD that makes the routine more fun, and helps the player to develop better pitch and timing. Versions are available for trombone and tuba; euphonium players can use the trombone or trumpet editions as neded.

Level 2: for High School, Younger College, and Serious Amateur Players


Mouthpiece Buzzing

Daily Routine (On the Instrument)

Level 3: for Advanced College and Professional Players


Mouthpiece Buzzing

Daily Routine (On the Instrument)

Secondary Daily Routines: for Work on "Doubling" Instruments

Advanced players will notice that the Level 3 routines, while effective, are rather time-consuming. Keep in mind that while a Daily Routine covering the "fundamentals" is very important, it is not always necessary or possible that this routine be performed at the beginning of the day. Both the Level 2 and Level 3 routines contain more material than is needed to "get warmed up," so those without time to complete the entire routine prior to their first playing engagement of the day should be encouraged do a short "warm-up" of a few exercises, and then complete the entire routine when time allows. Additionally, when there is simply not enough practice time available during the day to complete the entire Level 3 routine along with other playing and practice responsibilities, an effective substitute is to do the breathing and mouthpiece buzzing sections of the Level 3 routine, along with the Level 2 exercises on the instrument or even the Secondary Daily Routine for that instrument, perhaps with some modifications.

While these routines contain the basic types of exercises that are effective for each player's level, all players are encouraged to modify, add, and/or subtract materials to suit their own needs. If in doubt, seek the guidance of a qualified teacher.