List of Services

Telephone Service

Departmental line requests and maintenance is requested through SAP. If you do not have SAP access, clicking on request services. On-campus calls are made by dialing the last 4 digits of the phone number. For residential students, a campus phone number can be assigned to a room at no charge. To request phone service, email or call 662-915-5922. Telecommunications will need to know your name, student ID, and your hall and room number. Students are encouraged to have a phone in their room in case of emergency.

Long Distance Service

All campus phones are restricted from making long distance calls. Faculty, staff, and students can apply for their own access code by clicking on request services.

Faculty and staff can apply for a departmental and a personal long distance code. A departmental code is used for departmental calls and is billed to the department. A personal code is used for personal calls and the charge is payroll deducted. Call detail of long distance calls is available under myolemiss or click on telephone. Student's long distance calls are charged to their bursar account.

Directory Assistance

Campus automated directory assistance is available by dialing 8411 on campus and 662-915-8411 from off campus. You can automatically receive faculty, staff and department phone numbers through this automated system, 24 hours a day.

Cable TV

The Telecommunications Center runs its own cable TV system for the campus community and offers a complete line up of cable television channels. Basic channels are provided to each resident and additional channels are available to purchase. Cable service is billed monthly to the student's bursar account. Students can sign up for cable service online. Residents in The Village should contact Metrocast Cable for cable TV service. Departments can request cable TV through SAP.

Internet Service

Departmental internet service requests are processed through SAP. Resident halls are offered both wired and wireless internet service. However, only wireless internet service is provided to The Village residents.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 915-5222 for technical assistance and troubleshooting.