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The following videos are designed to provide "pointers" to low brass students auditioning for the Mississippi Lions All-State Band. Some of the videos feature verbal instruction, others provide demonstration, and some include both. Understand that while these videos can be useful practice aides, they are no replacement for regular lessons with a good private teacher. If you would like help finding a qualified teacher in your area, please contact Dr. Everett.

The demonstration videos include examples played on both the tenor trombone and the euphonium. Tuba players should refer primarily to the euphonium videos, at least for the etudes, as the overall approach required for the euphonium and the tuba are quite similar. That said, tubists might need to breathe more frequently than these videos indicate.

Visitors to this page might also be interested in a blog article I wrote about all-state audition preparation. The thoughts there are not as particularly targeted to the Lions Band audition or to low brass players as the videos here are, but the article might still prove helpful. Here is the link.

General Thoughts on Audition Preparation




Demonstration, "Option 1:" Faster, with larger tonal range.

Demonstration, "Option 2:" Slower, with smaller tonal range.

*Note: The scale demonstrations here offer two "options." The first has the scales played at a faster tempo, and half of them three octaves. The second has the scales played at a slower tempo, all two octaves (chromatic 2.5 octaves). These "options" are chosen arbitrarily and individual students might choose either of these approaches or create one that is between the two. My goal here was to demonstrate a couple of examples of how students of differing ability levels might approach the scale part of the audition in a manner that would lead to the most successful auditions possible for them.



Etudes "Year C" (2013-2014)

1. "Allegretto" by Böhme


Trombone Demonstration

Euphonium(/Tuba) Demonstration

2. "Adagio cantabile" by Duhem **Euphonium/Tuba Only.**
(There is a different "slow etude" for trombone this year.)



3. "Andante affettuoso" by Dieppo **Trombone Only.**
(There is a different "slow etude" for euphonium and tuba this year.)



Etudes "Year B" (2012-2013)

1. "Alla breve" by Böhme


Trombone Demonstration

Euphonium(/Tuba) Demonstration

2. "Adagio cantabile" by Duhem


Trombone Demonstration

Euphonium(/Tuba) Demonstration

Other years' etudes coming soon!