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To ensure your time on campus is as pleasant as possible, read about required parking passes and designated lots for visitors, students, faculty and staff.

NOTICE! Parking Restrictions Return to Normal Jan. 17th

The relaxed parking restrictions in place over the Winter Break end after Friday January 13th. Normal parking zone enforcement will start on Tuesday, January 17th at 7:30 AM. Park-N-Ride and Silver Route service resumes at 7:00 AM that same day.

NOTICE! All American Closure - January 2017

The construction of the new STEM building on All American requires the closure of All American Drive between Hill Drive and University Avenue. The closure is expected to last through the Spring Semester to enable the relocation and construction of the utilities needed for the new building. < See Map for Detail >

NOTICE! January 2017 Bus Changes

Beginning on January 3rd, 2017, when the University reopens after the holiday break, the Yellow and Green bus lines will begin running new routes on campus due to pending construction on All American Drive.  Both lines will no longer circle campus but will instead approach one of two bus stop locations and then will head back off campus.  This will accommodate the need to close All American Drive and will limit their travel inside campus and reduce bus interactions with pedestrians and stop-and-go traffic.

The Green Line will provide service from the Old Taylor Road area with pickup and drop-off on campus at the Kennon Bus Terminal only.  The Yellow Line will provide service from the Anderson Road area with pickup and drop-offs on campus at the Union Bus Stop only

Similar to the Kennon Terminal, the Union bus stop will become a major bus terminal by the fall of 2017 when the new section of the Union building opens.  At that same time an internal campus bus loop will start operation.

The Yellow "Express" will continue to run its current route providing service to Campus Walk and Hathorn Road but will have a second bus added and run through 9:00 PM weekdays.  The line will be renamed in the fall since it will no longer be associated with the Yellow Line.

Signs will be placed at all stops that will be affected by these changes.  Please feel free to email for any questions. 


The Parking and Transportation's customer web portal was upgraded on Thursday December 15th. Some aspects of the portal have changed and various tutorials and "how to" documents still need to be updated now that the new portal version is in place. If you are experiencing issues with the new portal, cannot find what you need, or otherwise need assistance, please contact our main office at 662-915-7235 or email at

NOTICE! 2016 Winter Holiday Parking and Buses

Parking During the Winter Break and Holidays: The University will be open for administrative operations between December 12th and the 21st. Administrative offices will be closed Wednesday December 22nd thru Monday January 2nd and will reopen on Tuesday January 3rd.  While administrative offices are open, all parking rules and regulations will still be enforced with the following zone exception:
Park-N-Ride, Student Residential (East, West, Central, South, Campus Walk and Silver), Garage, and Commuters permits will be allowed to park in any student zone (residential or commuter).

Note that parking permits are still required for all vehicles parked on campus.

Park-N-Ride Services Suspended During the Winter Break: The Gold and Brown Lines will not run between December 12th and January 16th.  When the Park-N-Ride services are not running, Park-n-Ride permit holders may park in any student area of campus including student residential and commuter zones.  Park-N-Ride services will resume at 7:00 AM January 17th after which normal zone restrictions will be enforced.

Silver Lot Operations: During the Winter Break, the Silver Lot parking facilities will be fully closed. The Silver Line and after-hours On-Call Van service will not operate and the facilities will be locked and secured with no guard service.  The gates will be locked and cameras will remain operational but no access will be provided. Students have till the end of the Silver Line bus service (Friday Dec. 9th ~7:00 PM) to relocate their vehicle. To facilitate with move out during the break, Silver Residential permit holders may park on campus in any student residential zone starting at 5:00 PM Wednesday Dec. 7th.  Vehicles are required to be out of the facilities by 7:00 PM Friday December 9th when the facilities are closed for the break. 

Silver Lot operations will resume on January 17th starting with the Silver Line bus service at 7:00 AM on Tuesday January 17th.  The On-Call Van Service will restart services at 7:00 PM that same day.  Silver Lot Permits should be parked at one of the Silver satellite parking lots by 7:30 AM Wednesday January 18th.

Please feel free to email for any questions. 

Residential Parking Garage Phase II Has Started

Phase II of the construction of the North Residential Parking Garage started in June. The new parking facility is slated for completion in the summer of 2017 before the start of the Fall 2017 semester.  The new structure will have at least 1500 parking spaces.

Visitor Parking Passes

Visitor Daily permits are priced at $3/day for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Daily visitor permits can be purchased in person at the Department of Parking and Transportation office in Lester Hall or at the Welcome Center near the entrance to the Circle on University Avenue. Visitors may also purchase a permit for up to 7 days online by following information on <this page>. Visitors wishing to purchase a permit for a longer period of time may purchase a monthly or annual pass in person at the office in Lester Hall. Departmental purchases of permits will continue to be by email requests. Remember, all vehicles brought on to the University campus must have a parking permit. Please feel free to contact our office for any questions - (662) 915-7235 or


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