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To ensure your time on campus is as pleasant as possible, read about required parking passes and designated lots for visitors, students, faculty and staff.

2017-2018 Permit Sale Have Started for Select Zones

Online permits sales started at 8:00 a.m. CDT Monday July 10th starting with Faculty/Staff permits. Other permit classifications will go on sale starting at 8:00 a.m. CDT on the dates listed below. If you are bringing a car to campus next year and are in one of the limited classifications, please check HERE for details and when your classification becomes eligible to purchase a permit.

  • Faculty/Staff - July 10th
  • Residential East - July 17th - SOLD OUT - Residential Garage is the Available Option
  • Residential Central - July 18th - SOLD OUT - Residential Garage is the Available Option
  • Residential West - July 19th - SOLD OUT - Residential Garage is the Available Option
  • Campus Walk - July 20th
  • Residential South - July 20th - SOLD OUT - Residential Garage is the Available Option
  • Commuter (Seniors/Graduate Students) - July 24th
  • Commuter (Juniors) - July 25th
  • Commuter (Sophomore) - July 26th
  • Commuter (Freshman) - July 27th

* Update July 18th - Until further notice, online wait-lists are temporarily disabled. Email to be added to a wait-list for your classification listed as sold out. You must be eligible to purchase a sold out classification in order to be added to the wait-list for one. Purchase the available permit option if your classification is sold out. If you are selected to receive a permit from the wait-list, the permits will be exchanged and the purchase prices credited as needed.

All other permit types (construction, vendor, retiree and Visitor) are only available from our main office in Lester Hall Rm 120 starting on July 5th after the holiday break.

Current 2016-2017 permits are valid until August 15th, 2017, after which a vehicle not displaying a new '18 permit will receive a citation if parked on campus.

Some permit classifications have a limited availability and once they are sold out, they will no longer be available except by waitlist. A student's classification is determined by their campus residence hall and the number of academic hours completed as reported to DPT by campus housing and the registrar's office.

Intersection Closure at Hill and Chucky Mullins!

The 4-way stop intersection at Hill Drive, Chucky Mullins Drive and Hathorn Road will be closed to ALL through traffic through the summer months. Construction is progressing to convert the intersection into a traffic circle and is expected to be completed before the start of the fall semester.

Pavilion Garage Changes – Effective June 1st, 2017

The Pavilion Garage will become a fully reserved parking zone this summer starting on June 1st.  Hourly paid parking will no longer be permitted and all revenue and gate equipment will be removed.  All parking stalls will be sold by reserve permits available to both Faculty/Staff and non-residential students.  Current garage pass holders have been given the option to pre-reserve a new permit for the 2017-2018 academic year.  All other eligible parkers will be given the opportunity to purchase a dedicated reserved space when their group's permit classification goes on sale in July.  Faculty/Staff will be given two weeks to choose the Pavilion Garage permit prior to them being offered to students classified as commuters.   New permits will be $400 for the 2017-2018 academic year.  For more information and other details please visit

Temporary Campus Bus Route Changes - Summer 2017 Starting Monday May 15th

Due to construction and road closures around campus this summer:

  • the Green, Yellow and Yellow Express bus lines will only utilize the Student Union bus stop for pick up and drop offs
  • the construction of the new round-about at Chucky Mullins and Hill Drive will prevent all traffic from using that entrance to campus
  • the Green and Yellow express will divert to Jackson Avenue to bypass the road construction and will go to the Union
  • the South Transportation Hub at the Kennon Observatory will not have any service

Later this summer:

  • the Yellow Express is being renamed to the Hathorn Express and it and the Green Line will return to servicing the Kennon Observatory after the road construction issues have cleared
  • the Red and Blue lines will be modified before August and will also only stop at soon to be completed North Transportation Hub located in the new section of the Student Union

All American Drive is scheduled to remain closed.

Summer Parking Policy - Effective May 15th, 2017

The Department of Parking & Transportation will start Summer Parking enforcement policies on Monday May 15th at 7:30 AM.  DPT reminds faculty, staff, and students that during the summer months from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. weekdays:

  • All vehicles brought on campus still require a parking permit unless parked in the pay-by-hour parking meter with paid time.
  • Any student parking permit is valid to park in any student designated area (East, Central, West, South, and Commuter).
  • Students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff designated areas.
  • Vehicles with current Garage or Park-N-Ride permits will be allowed to park in any student designated area and Open designated area but not Faculty/Staff designated areas.
  • Vehicles with Faculty/Staff permits will be allowed to park in student residential designated areas.
  • Faculty/Staff and Students are not permitted to park in Visitor designated areas.
  • Park-N-Ride bus services are suspended during the summer months.
  • Any permit type is valid in the Park-N-Ride sections (white painted parking lines) at the Jackson Avenue Center but there will be no bus service to campus.  Commercial zones are still restricted to Mall customers only.

All other posted signage restrictions remain in effect including Reserve Parking spaces, ADA regulated spaces, visitor spaces, service vehicle spaces and posted timed spaces.

These changes to zone restriction enforcement policies will be in effect between May 15th and August 11th during normal University hours of operation from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. weekdays.  All other parking restrictions still apply.


The Parking and Transportation's customer web portal was upgraded on Thursday December 15th. Some aspects of the portal have changed and various tutorials and "how to" documents still need to be updated now that the new portal version is in place. If you are experiencing issues with the new portal, cannot find what you need, or otherwise need assistance, please contact our main office at 662-915-7235 or email at

Visitor Parking Passes

Visitor Daily permits are priced at $3/day for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Daily visitor permits can be purchased in person at the Department of Parking and Transportation office in Lester Hall or at the Welcome Center near the entrance to the Circle on University Avenue. Visitors may also purchase a permit for up to 7 days online by following information on <this page>. Visitors wishing to purchase a permit for a longer period of time may purchase a monthly or annual pass in person at the office in Lester Hall. Departmental purchases of permits will continue to be by email requests. Remember, all vehicles brought on to the University campus must have a parking permit. Please feel free to contact our office for any questions - (662) 915-7235 or


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